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Annoying Boys And Their Rubberband Theory
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Annoying Boys And Their Rubberband Theory

Girl's I know how frustrating it is when you get a guy's number and you think you are being annoying or totally unattractive when you text him, well have you noticed that when you text or talk to a guy how they seem so interested and so close to you, then texting and talking is less than what it was, then it stops for about a week, then they get close again. Boy's are so annoying, but it's a rubber band theory, guys like to get real close, then they like to stretch away, then they come springing back like a rubber band.

It's not that he doesn't like you anymore, it's just the way guys act. Don't text him constantly if he's not answering back, he's just stretching back, who knows how long it will take for him to come springing back, but it's always best to talk to him face to face then text him.

How come girl's don't have a rubber band theory, believe me we do, guys are more sensitive than girls, (trust me they'll never admit it) but they are, they always act all macho when they don't need to, he probably likes you, when he see's you he get butterflies, he screams on the inside and smiles at you, but the way his actions might be are totally different, he might be pretending to talk to his friends when his main focus is on you.

So girl's here is how your rubber band theory goes, when the guy you like starts snapping back to you, then it's the perfect time for you to stretch away. Don't stretch away every single time he snaps back cause then he'll get bored and crush on someone else. Since guys are more sensitive than girls, when he snaps back and you stretch away he'll think about you more and wonder why you aren't texting him, so it'll give them the idea to text you first or talk to you first.

When you spring back it'll be a lot easier to talk to him because while you were keeping yourself occupied by not texting him, you were probably having fun and that'll be good thing to talk about. All boys are not the same, some boys just are not ready for a relationship, it's easy to tell when they're ready or not ready for a relationship. Some boys rubber band theory might be different they might stretch away for a long time then spring back when they are ready. They might cling themselves to you (if they do that then you should do your rubber band theory). But just remember boy's are annoying and it's easy to figure out how the male brain works, you just have to pay attention.

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