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Are Married Actors Crossing The Line When They Appear In Those Steamy Love Scenes
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I only write about this subject, because I enjoy watching movies. In so doing, I cannot help but admire the acting skills of my favorite star(s). Foolishly so, I sometimes allow them to become a personal part of my everyday life. They become as a brother or sister, when they are in pain, so am I. If someone say negative things about them, I will defend them. It then occurred to me, am I also acting by using them to present an illusionary world wherein I can escape the everyday stresses of life.

To me, movies can be described as a comfort food. When I am feeling down and out, nothing like a good movie to transport me elsewhere, while actually going nowhere. I do not see anything wrong with that. At least, I am not actually turning to food when feeling down. Then again, I sometimes resort to eating while watching a movie. Some folks will turn to drugs when they are feeling down. I like to say, name your own poison.

I have a very troubling concern about some of my stars. For the life of me, I have never been able to understand how movie stars, especially the married ones, engage in those steamy love scenes. They like to say it is only acting. To the contrary, how many times have we witnessed those involved in love scenes later become lovers in real life. I believe it is impossible for mature adults to engage in such conduct and not have any romantic feeling.

Nature would not have it any other way. To prove my point, if it is only acting, I challenge those who appear in love scenes to do so with their sister/brother, better yet, with their mother or father. How many do you think would endeavor to cross that line? I am thinking none, because they know it would not be right. So, as long as you see such conduct, do not be surprised to hear of couples breaking-up. It is hard enough just trying to keep a normal marriage in tact, any additional outside distractions surely cannot help.

Moreover, I do not think I could watch my spouse groping or being groped by someone else, be it acting or not. We must face the fact that people are attracted to each other, and it does not require that much contact to become interested in someone else. Many in Hollywood have been married many times. I find it rather ironic, that in many cases, they run off with the star or co-star. To me, this scenario is tantamount to needing a drink of water. Albeit I may be thirsty, I am not going to jump in the ocean just to get that drink.

Although I will continue to watch my movies, I am attempting to find a way to disassociated myself from all the personal issues involved. Then again, if I am successful at this task, I too, would have become a good actor. Whether I admit it or not, life is filled with all sorts of contradictions, and many are just to complicated to fully understand. Being human, we sometimes want to understand every aspect of our thought process. In this case, it involves the personal lives of my actors. So, I will leave it at that, continue to watch my movies and attempt to stop worrying about their personal lives. I must sound off now. Movie time.

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