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Article For Men: What You Need To Know About Us Women
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Article for Men: What You Need to Know About Us Women

Most of you men are pushy and annoying when it comes to situations with your girl. Well this article is strictly for you, so pay attention and learn something from this article stupid heads.

Most of you men are probably wondering why women are always so upset when they are on their periods. STOP ASKING US IF WE ARE OK!!!! Because i'm pretty sure if you had blood oozing from your penis you'd be pretty upset to.

Most of you guys are freaky little devils who always want your girl to give it up when your ready to get it on. Well you should know that no girl would give it up unless you treat her special. Ya see in the girls world, if you want something you gotta give something, you gotta earn it, show her that you deserve her goods. You can't expect her to give it up when you're always late on dates or you don't call and check up on your girl enough and ask her how she's doing. All we want is a little affection with our pleasure of being in a relationship. If you treat us right and you are willing to do anything for us, like buy our personals at the store, then whoop there it is. You gonna get it.

You guys are probably wondering why do women get jealous easily. WE GET SOOOO JEALOUS!!!!!! (trust) If you have girls (who are your friends) and you are texting them and hanging out with them like you would do if you had male friends, then in our head we would think "what does she have that i don't have" we start getting insecure, and one of your "friend girls" might actaully flirt with you or try to steal you away. So men if you have a friends who are girls just dont bother her. It doesnt mean you have to be rude to your friend and ignore her, please keep your respect for girls. But i'm just saying you shouldn't make your girl feel like she has competition. She doesn't wanna feel left out and insecure because you are having fun with other girls.

I know that when men are in love they love harder than girls do. I know men wanna compliment their girl on how good she looks, but deep down inside your girl might have a flaw that she is very insecure about. All girls are like that, when we are in love we can sometimes hold back a little bit because we don't want you to see our little flaw we have. It's like a girl code we have. We want to always look good for you no matter what, we don't want you to lose that fire you have in your eye when you look at us. It would be much easier to understand if a man and a woman were married for thirty something years, thats understandable because they've pretty much spent their entire lives together. But men, you should tell your girl that there is nothing to be insecure about and that you love her just the way she is because you know us girls love our little tender moments.

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