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Bringing Back The Romance Into Your Relationship
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Relationships are funny things. If you tinker with them too much, they're no fun and you get in trouble. On the other hand, if you pay no attention to them, they stagnate, and that doesn't mean things stay the same, it means you're going backwards. That's no way to bring back the romance.

Let's say you fall into the latter category. Maybe you're married and between work and the kids, you just don't seem to have the time or the energy for romance. Or perhaps you have been dating for a while and you're still in love, but the fire seems to be going out. In either case it may surprise you to know that you can spark a refiring of passion pretty quickly, bringing back the romance that relationships need to flourish.

Do you remember the story of Cyrano de Bergerac? He was a dashing swordsman and poet in seventeenth century Paris. In a nutshell, he was in love with a beautiful lady but felt he could never make a move on her because of his enormous nose. So instead, he befriends a handsome man, Christian de Neuvillette,who shares affection with lovely Roxanne. He looks great, but is completely inept in the ways of love.

So Cyrano writes love letters for him, he sends them to fair Roxanne, and she falls for the handsome Christian. At the end of the story, after much tragedy, he confesses his love for her before he dies, and she realizes it was he she fell for. She would have accepted him nose and all, but by then it was too late.

Oh, one imprtant part. At one point,Christian decides he doesn't need Cyrano anymore, so he goes to Roxanne and bungles things. She sends him away, but Cyrano had followed a discreet distance behind. After the dunce has gone, Cyrano imitatesChristian's voice from the bushes, and woos fair Roxanne back with his WORDS, thus bringing back the romance that had just been crushed.

The point is, words mean things, especially in relationships. The person who decided that sticks and stones break bones but words can never hurt me had no idea what they were talking about. You can call it karma, law of attraction, or sowing and reaping, but the principal is the same. If you want kindness in your life, speak kindness. If love, then speak love. Passion? You've got it, be passionate and speak that way. That is thequickest way to bring back the romance in your relationship.

Sometimes all it takes is a well placed word or sentence. Challenge yourself to speak kind words, loving words, passionate words, to your partner. You probably know very well what they would like to hear, so SAY IT! You might be thinking "yeah but I just don't feel like that anymore". This is probably the exact reason you don't feel that way. The words you speak will have an effect on you too, for the positive.

Maybe you really don't know what to say, and you're like the handsome but inept Christian. You might be wondering "where can I go to learn how to speak passionate words that will start bringingback the romanceinto my relationship?" A good suggestion might be to start with the words of Cyrano himself. After all, if he could win the affections of fair Roxanne with his giant nose, surely it will work for you!

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