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Building Trust In Your Relationship
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Building Trust In Your Relationship

Trust in relationships

Being in a relationship is all about trust but is seems like most couples tend to forget this. You will see countless couples breaking up simply because the trust was broken and there really is no relationship without trust. Though communication and chemistry is important, there is nothing without trust. This is why it is important to avoid breaking the trust and to always ensure your partner that you trust them. However, there are some things that you can do and avoid to make sure that the relationship stays strong. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are in a relationship.

Give Space

The one thing that can ruin a relationship is making the other person your "everything." This is where a lot of the trust breaks because you are so used to knowing every move of the person that you are in love with. Once you two start to give space, you then are worried that he or she is out with another person. This is even a bigger problem with long distance relationships where you two simply just want to have space but when you do, things go bad. This is because trust is absent and they want to be able to know your every move. Build trust by keeping some space early in the relationship so that you will learn how to give space in the future.

Don't Panic

When you start to have doubt, make sure that you do not panic. A lot of people panic once their special someone makes a new friend and they instantly start to feel jealous. This then leads to people panicking and stalking. They then go on their special someone's Facebook and check everything that they can find. This is the biggest sign that there is no more trust and there is no more relationship. Once you start to doubt, then you are not in a healthy relationship. Remember that once doubt starts to seep in, you will realize that it will only eat you inside.

Focus On Growing As Individuals

The biggest problem that most couples have is that they tend to love each other too much and so they are scared to grow as individuals. They then base their happiness on how the relationship is going. This tends to make people seem bipolar when in fact they are just riding the relationship flow. This is why it is important to grow as an individual so you do not "need" your partner as he or she will be a bonus to your life. When you start to live and breathe your partner, you will not know what to do once things start to go bad. Remember that you must first love yourself before you can give others love.

Have Faith

Whether you believe in God or whatever you believe in, it is important to simply have faith. Believe that your partner will be faithful to you and you will know if it is sincere. No one will know your partner better than you and so it is important that you trust your instincts. However, do not be stupid and simply believe everything that he or she says, especially if they have lied before. This is why it is very hard to keep a relationship going after the trust has been broken. It is highly recommended that you fully forgive and forget about any past mistakes or else it can lead to years of pain for both parties in the relationship.

Overall, being in a relationship takes a lot of work and will require a lot of energy. If you are able to fully commit and to trust with all of your heart, then you will be able to have a successful relationship. Remember that trust will be the base of your relationship and everything else will come along. Have patience with your partner and understand that no relationship is ever perfect. This why you will need to trust and if ever the trust is broken, it will be up to you to figure out if you can take them back. Remember to work as a team but don't forget to still grow as individuals. With these simple tips on trust, you will certainly be able to keep any relationship strong.

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Ken, Your picture caught my attention! Trust and Love dangles:-) I'm learning to use pictures now.... Your article is well written, interesting and factual. blessings, Cynthia

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