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Do You Have Emotional Closure In Your Relationship?
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Having emotional closure in your relationship is very important and vital to the success and happiness of it. Of course it is hard to forgive when you've been betrayed, but there is always hope. You have to trust it and believe in order to concur this emotion.

What does having emotional closure mean to you? Does it mean forgiving and still thinking about the past? Does it mean letting go of the past and never bring it up? Does it mean to secretly hold a grudge? I mean, I'm just saying.

It's up to you, nobody else to make a choice on whether or not tohaveemotional closure. Don't get trapped in the moments of anger and trauma. All they'll do is give you more resons to be bitter and unforgiving. You know what happens to you when you're unforgiving?Your heart get's old faster. It's time for you to replenish your health and find emotional closure in your relationship.

When you don't have emotion closure in your relationship there is no chance of you being 100% happy and free. And believe me, there is nothing more bliss than being free from your emotions that are drowning you in you own pain and tears.

What is stopping you from having emotional closure? It is time you step up and take control of it. It is also time for you to figure out what the real reason for you holding onto your emotional trauma. You will not feel better until you do. Once you find out the real reason behind your angry behavior, then you will realized what you truly want to gain from it.

1. Talk to your partner

You may not feel like talking at the moment, but talking will ultimately solve a lot of your anger and hurtingissues behind your emotion. One thing you have to understand to is that your partner doesn't know what to do or how to respond because they don't know exactly how you feel and what you want.

One thing I don't want to see you do is waste your whole entire life holding onto a grudge and not letting go of the past. Not letting go of the past is basically you wasting entirely too much energy on something that you have 100% of a choice on.

Not everyone can have a positive choice on their emotional closure. If you want to leave, just leave. Don't stay and waste your precious time and life. If you want to stay, then you need forgivness. I don't mean the forgiveness that requires bringing up the past. I mean 100% forgiveness. Either way it goes, you're still making a choice on emotional closure in your relationship. Come to a conclusion and deal with your decision the right way.

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