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He Lies, She Lied, And I Will Lie To You, So Get Over It
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First of all, I know why you’re here. The title of his article caught your attention, right? That’s exactly what I wanted- to get your attention. Now that I have your attention, I will let you know one thing. No one is perfect. Get over it.

OMG! Do you know how many times I hear people say “I hate liars”? This bothers me, because everyone is a liar. Seriously, even the realest person is a liar, believe it or not. There are hypothetical liars; there are people who lie because they don’t think before they speak, there are people who lie just to test your mind, there are people who lie because they want to fit in, and there are those that lie just to keep you from knowing everything about them.

So, let me ask you again, have you lied before? If so, then you are a liar. However, the reason why you lied or lie makes a huge difference in your character. Yea, some may argue that if they have to lie, they rather not say anything at all. This happens, but it happens when you’re fully aware that you’re lying and your conscious kicks in. Whenever you lie out of the spur moment, then after you lied and realized that you lied, you may feel guilty, but 9 times out of ten you will not admit that you just lied, because something within you is telling you that if you admit that you lied, this person will think you are a liar and not trust you anymore. You don’t have to admit it to me, her, or him. I know the truth, and you know it to.

A lot of us lose something worth keeping, because of lying. We even lose a best friend or lover, because of lying. You don’t have to be the cause; it could’ve been because they lied. At the end of the day, is lying that serious to where you have to lose something or someone you love? Everyone has a reason to why they lie sometimes. For me, I lie sometimes, because I don’t think before I speak. It’s never intentional. Even people that exaggerate are considered liars, because they make a situation seem bigger than what it is. If that’s the case, then yea, we all are liars, because everyone exaggerates every once in a while.

Think about it. He lies, she lied and I will lie to you. Get over it. Romantic relationships get ruined because of lying. If this is the case, then get some help with your relationship and see why there is constant lying in your relationship.

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