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How To Avoid A Breakup - Step Back And Communicate
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Going through a breakup has never been an easy thing to endure, that goes without question. The best of breakups still produce hurt feelings and many problems. And if by chance you went through a bad breakup, the hurt feelings are multiplied. You most like will be feeling quite miserable as you experience confusion, pain, guilt and depression. All these emotiond mixed together are going to make you wonder how you can make it through the day. This article is not about getting back together with your ex after a breakup; it will show you how to prevent breaking up to begin with.

A way of looking at it is like this. Do you want to go through all the anguisment of breaking up, or, take some action to prevent it from happening? I'm sure you would choose to take action to prevent it happening, am I right? If your relationship is experiencing trouble, you need to be realistic and know it will take some effort to keep it together. It is entirely possible to reverse the breakup, but may not be easy.

The first thing you're going to have think about is just what shape your relationship is currently in. Good or bad, either way think about it. Scan your relationship for various signs of how healthy it is. Observe your partner's behavior, good or bad, sudden or major changes could mean something may be going on. Of cource, it could mean nothing, so do not jump to conclusions, just be aware of what is happening. Sudden lack of affection when there used to plenty is a common sign of relationship trouble. It doesn't always mean your partner no longer loves you, but it does have meaning. Physical contact is another major sign to pay attention too. How much contact you get from them, and sexual and non-sexual contact are both included.

We all go through ups and downs, so just keep your attention on how severe these signs are, their frequency and duration. You live with your partner, so you should be able to notice changes in their personality and whether these changes have meaning or not. If you find a problem, deal with it and don't live in denile. You're attempting to avoid a breakup, you do not want to live in fantasy land.

If you feel your relationship could use some help, get the lines of communication open. Talk to your partner. Seriously! Be calm and supportive, but talk to them. This is not a trail, you're just attempting to determine if your relationship has issues that need to be dealt with. Be curious, not nosy, there is a fine line between the two, do not cross over it. You love them and want a long term relationship with them. Show them that and know that by talking over things the relationship will be much better and you'll both understand how to avoid a breakup.

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