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How To Find The Perfect Mate
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Ah precision, that nearly unfeasible goal! What exactly is the "perfect mate," and how on earth do you find him? First things first, you must understand that your idea of a perfect mate is far special from your sister’s or your best friend's. They will look for the negligible character flaw and pounce like jaguars on a injured wildebeest. Hey, don't look at me! I did not make the rules on this one, it’s just what happens! Your friends and family want you to be cheerful so they will weed out the weak ones to make that happen. You have to know what you desire and what you require from your relationship. Then you can decide what defines the word perfect for your. For example my definition always includes the words: smart, funny, adventurous and kind. You might notice that my perfect mate is not defined in bodily terms. My tastes in that have changed over the years, but the really important qualities have never wavered at all. Call me mad, but I will take a smart and funny insurance agent over a handsome, vapid barely employed actor any day of the week. My definition of perfect does not work for my best friend, nor does hers work for me. One of the easiest ways to know if somebody is your perfect mate is to actually spend time with them. Go on a tour and see how well you relate to each other when you are stuck at sea without a chance of flee. Make sure that you have interests both mutual and individual. You do not want to wake up one morning and find that you have totally nothing in common with the person that you confirmed was your perfect mate. On the other hand, you will want to have interests outside the relationship as well. No one is so perfect that you want to spend every single moment with them after all. Give yourself a chance to miss that person every now and then to keep things fresh between you.

Most importantly: do not act as if to be someone that you are not to "get" this perfect mate. They ought to have their perfect mate as well, and if you are pretending to be an important person other than who you are, how will they know if you perfect or not? Don’t pretend to be a sports fan to snare that sportsperson that you have had your eye on and anticipate to make a lasting relationship with him. For one thing, if you are actually not into sports, you have just kicked things off with a big lie. Not only will that make him question everything else about the relationship, it will make him reorganize his own priorities. Do you really imagine a life of faking keenness when sports does nothing more than bore and confuse you? Or are you scheduling on sitting sporting events for the rest of your lives jointly, satisfied to go out and do your own thing? That might be an terrible lot of time spent apart, is that really what you want for the rest of your life?

Your ideal mate can be the last individual on earth you would have dreamed of. It might be the living description of your fantasy. Moreover way, it has to be the individual that is ideal for you and you only. Make sure that it is the perfect mate for the real you, and not someone who is attracted by a manufactured image that you cannot preserve for a lifetime. For more visit

I am a lecturer in physics & love writing, meeting people & believes in an honest & harmonius relation ship.

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