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How To Stop A Divorce - Follow These 5 Easy Steps To Stay Out Of Divorce Court
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How To Stop A Divorce - Follow These 5 Easy Steps To Stay Out Of Divorce Court

How to stop a divorce is something you may be wondering about, when it seems like the divorce rate is rising daily in our society. It can be done relatively easily if you take action on these five easy steps. That is good news, right?

1) Quality time with each other:

Finding time for each other, quality time, if you want the relationship to last. The relationship will wither if you both do not do this regularly. Quality time means that you're effectively communicating with each other, not throwing odd comments in each others direction while at the dinner table. Turn off the computer, stereo and TV, and if you have children put them to bed. Sit down with each other and chat. Talk about all the day to day worries you each have, how your day was and how you're really feeling. Open lines of communication will reduce disagreements and misunderstandings over small little trivia. Maintain this open line of communication at all times. At times there may be fights, that is a natural thing when two people live together. They can also lead to a great make up session.

2) Respect one another...Always!

Showing respect for your partner is something that you should be doing without even thinking about it, no matter how long you've been with them. Give them their personal space to explore their own goals, without you being in their face every waking moment. Your significant other will at times face difficult times, either work related or personal problems that have nothing whatsoever to do with your marriage. When they have these difficult times, be there for them. You do not have to necessarily solve the problem they face, but they do need to know they can count on you to be there for them, and that they have 100% of your support.

3) Appreciate them

It seems to be a quirk of human nature to take for granted many things in life, jobs, health and even our partners. You need to be consciously on the lookout for this and show your partner appreciation for all the things they do for you. You know how they like to be appreciated, because you live with them on a daily basis. Some like being told with words that they are loved and appreciated, others like to be touch certain ways and others like small gifts. If you want to make divorce less likely, you need to be bonding with your partner regularly and taking the time daily to increase your mutual appreciation by giving complements.

4) Never run each other down.

Running each other down, even in private, is just not acceptable! Being in love, partners tend to be more open, and will often share intimate details about things that they do not want others to know. If one partner uses this intimate knowledge to run down the other partner, the pain can be enormous. Do not hurt someone this way. Be careful about the words coming out of your mouth and think before saying them. Be quick to apologize if you do insult them and make sure they know you did not mean to hurt their feelings.

5) Forgive...and forget

Practice forgiveness. People occasionally screw up, so rather then keeping the incident constantly in mind, forgive them, and more importantly, forget the incident altogether. At some point you may be the one looking for forgiveness, because you never know when you will mess up and need your partner to forgive you. You will be much more happier if you realize that none of us are perfect.

There you go, five steps, that you can incorporate into your marriage and that will help you in never needing to know how to stop a divorce.

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