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If Love Is So Great, Why So Many Unions Turn Into Hate
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Very good question. I am a firm believer that most answers pertaining to man’s behavior can be somehow traced to his early beginnings. Man is aware that he needs food for survival. When man begins to realize that some foods really taste good, said food is no longer used for just survival, it also becomes a comfort thing. As such, man will overindulge to satisfy that comfort section in the brain. As he continues to eat for comfort, he begins to notice he cannot run as fast as before. Simply put, the additional pounds starts to impact on every aspect of his life.

As he begins to understand the negatives associated with food, he develops a love hate relationship with food. He tells himself that he is going to cut back so he can recover that person he once knew. He then becomes obsessed with that lie he just forced himself to believe. On a daily basis, he struggles to make his lie become true. During this process, his eating habits becomes so erratic, instead of losing weight, he gains more.

Most every aspect of our daily lives are centered on having more. We never seem to be happy with a normal or reasonable portion of anything in life (challenge yourself on that). The cake is delicious, I want another piece. The ice cream is great, give me another scoop. In order to break this cycle, we must come to realize and accept the fact that more of something does not necessarily make it better. The same things that make you laugh, can also make you cry.

At this point, I know you are wondering what the previously mentioned have anything to do with love. I understand that and will explain it to you. The subject of this article is about love. Where in the aforementioned did I deviate from talking about love? Love of cake. Love of ice cream and food. Okay, okay, I will go a few steps further.

Understand this, there are many facets of life that must be dealt with on a daily basis, I will even venture to say, on an hourly basis. Whenever we allow ourselves to over compensate in any area of life, something will go lacking. Yes, even in love. If we over compensate in that area, something will go lacking elsewhere. For example, you are so in love and want to be with that person who makes your world explode, instead of being attentive to your work on the job, or your ability to drive to work, your head is in the clouds. That is why love and trust is so important in a relationship.

The more we desire for something, the more we want to keep and use it. As in the food scenario, instead of the man continuing his normal everyday life, he wants to continue eating. Love is the same way, you find that special someone, and all you can think of is that person. Is your special person looking at someone else inappropriately? This pattern of thinking makes you your own worst enemy. With that type of obsessed mad love in your mind, you conclude your partner is cheating. No evidence of cheating, just your mind telling you these things. Then comes the hate. Your performance on your job begins to decline. Your inattention to traffic may cause you to have an accident.

Low performance rating equals less income. Less or reduced income, makes for more stress in the household. More stress equals separation. Although a particular situation may not play itself out as described in this article, if you do not have balance in your life, do not expect too much success at anything.

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