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Knowing What Your Wife Really Wants
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Knowing What Your Wife Really Wants

What Your Wife Wants: Time and Attention

Make Her Fall in Love Again

Many claim that women are exceptionally difficult to understand and no man alive is aware of their needs, preferences and desires. The claim happens to be overly exaggerated. Women need basically simple things in order to be happy.

You love your wife dearly and you want to understand her better. Being there for her and having an idea about her desires will improve your relationship and will help you build a stronger connection.

If you are willing to make her happy, you should focus on a number of simple concepts. These include attention, affection and spending time together.

Pay Attention to the Details

Most women need really simple things in order to be happy and loving their partner just like the way they did in the beginning of a relationship. As a man, you are probably thinking about great gestures and tremendous displays of affection. All of these will be unnecessary.

Pay attention to the small details. Tell her that her hair looks beautiful. Remember to kiss her in the morning and when you get back from work. Compliment her on the beautiful dinner that she has cooked for the two of you. Dye her hair, that's right, doing this really makes her feel very special.

Be interested in the details of your relationship. Try to notice the way she reacts. What are the things that make her smile and when does she appear to be unhappy? Small displays of attention and understanding of her character will help you bond.

Spend Time Together

Very often, people get too carried away in their daily routines. You go to work, you come home tired but you still try to spend some time with the children. These professional and household duties give you very little opportunity to spend time with your wife.

Finding time for the two of you, however, is vital for your relationship. If you lack time for each other, you will very soon grow further apart. Twenty minutes per day sounds like a very little time period but they can be deteramental in your love life.

Try to date each other once again. Have a date night once every two weeks or on a weekly basis. The time should be dedicated to you and your wife. Go to a romantic restaurant or to the cinema. It can be a walk in the park or a picnic, as long as the two of you get the chance to spend quality time together, to talk and to laugh.

Showing Affection

You love her dearly but does she really know it? If you want to make her happy, you need to demonstrate your affection.

Kiss her gently on the head, while she is busy doing work. Hold her hand when you go out for a walk. Hug her tenderly while she is playing with the children. Many men have problems expressing their emotions and this difficulty can be critical.

Women need reassurance, they want to see your love on a daily basis. You think that she can read your mind and it is needless to tell and show her everyday how much you really love her. You are wrong. She knows it but she wants to see and feel it, as well.

Be in love with your wife! This is the only way to make her happy. Knowing what your wife really wants is simple, she wants to spend time with you and she wants to feel your love. If your feelings for her are strong, you will know how to make her feel special. These clues will be vital for a long lasting relationship.

Street Talk

Great article. The other thing that can really help...ask her what she would like! She may have found a new "favorite something" that will show her you care. It will take the guess work out of thing and create a win-win situation for the both of you!

  about 1 decade ago

Ken, I must admit I read the title of this article with a raised eyebrow and was curious to know what a man would say about this topic! I think you said it well and did it great justice. Most woman would be thrilled to have a loving man who does exactly what you say. I know I am! Well done you!

  about 1 decade ago
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