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Life As A Staging - How To Leave A Positive Image Of You
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Life As A Staging - How to Leave A Positive Image Of You

Every day you prepare your heritage. Your actions today will have an impact on how people will remember you.

Life is fragile. No one knows when it will cease suddenly. But most people would like to leave in the world a positive memory. What about you? How would you like to be remembered?

Would you like people to say that you have been a good father or a good mother? Would you like people to say that you were not afraid of work  and you were a perfectionist? Would you like your neighbors to have only good words about you when they will talk about you?

However, there are months you have not talked to your children, you tend to cut the corners at work and you yelled at your neighbors last night because their child had stepped on your lawn ... Your everyday actions are they contradicting the impression that you would like to leave?

The wishful thinkings are for no use if your actions do not contribute to their achievement. It is not in the last moment that you redeem years of mistakes. Who knows where you will be tomorrow? Why not be today what you aspire to be?

Note that this speech does not apply only to your death. We live regular grief (changing jobs, new love affair, moving, etc.). Every time, we leave memories and a picture of us that could come back to haunt us when we least expect it.

Why not accept the role of being the director of your life? It is your responsibility. What would answer your current boss to a potential future employer when he asks about you? You can ensure that these comments are positive ... by acting like a professional today.

Also, could you improve some relationships that you have left crumbling? Are there people you have injured and deserve an apology from you? Why not make the first move? Make sure to leave good memories if possible (there are indeed toxic people with whom you do not have to try to make peace).


In short, you are on stage now and you will try to act according to your own personality idealized. You audition for your own role and you will not allow bad habits cause you to lose the role. Every day you leave your footprints in the world and in the minds of people around you. Today you will leave fingerprints that should be followed.

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