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Life isn’t always as we want it to be…

It’s full of paradoxes…

It’s laden with mysteries…

I’m always wondering why at times when I’m desperately looking for something, it seems to be hidden in the most secret place; but when i’m not, it pops up out of nowhere….

When I’m conscious about time, it seems to move fast; but when I’m not, it’s too slow…

When I badly need something, I don’t usually get it the way I want; but when I don’t need it, it comes in numerous ways…

I don’t understand why only when we’re so in love that we get hurt the most…

Is it because "the heart has a reason which reason itself can not understand"?…

Who says then that the heart and mind are not tied up when it comes to the phenomenon called love?…

Have you ever thought that when you say you are "falling-in-love" to somebody else you are actually sexually aroused by that person?…think again…

The most trivial thing that I really don’t understand is why do we have to be born and live to die eventually ?…

Is death the purpose of life?…

And all the things between birth and death are just preparations towards death itself?…

Who is not afraid of death?

I am not afraid to die because I fear death….

I am afraid to die because of the things I will leave behind undone…

Isn’t it unfair?

Getting what you want is quite easy if you have the means but keeping what you have forever is the hard part even if you have all the means.

But then maybe this is the way life is. They come your way for a time and in a snap of a finger they’re gone, even faster than you can react to it.

Maybe this is what the wise men always say that "to better understand something/someone, one must be able to see them in their essence: thing-in-itself/man-in-himself.

But then the question is: how can one do this? How can we see the thingness/humanness of what we have if we, ourselves, don’t fully understand ourselves? It’s such a pity that to understand others one must first start with understanding oneself, as the wise men say.

And this one is one of the hardest, if not the hardest thing to do in this mysterious world. So how can we go on to the second step, understanding others, if we can’t go beyond the first step.

Life is mysterious. Life is unfair. But mysterious and unfair as it is, it offers us something sublime. It lets us choose.

The power to choose is what gives us the reason to persevere.

To persevere even in times of darkness and downness.

To persevere to be better.

To persevere to go past beyond the first step.

To persevere to go higher.

To persevere to battle out the mysteries life offers, and hopefully become victorious.

A victory that brings honor and dignity.

A dignity that evens our incapability of understanding fully.

Life sucks? Life is simple. Make a choice and never look back!

Is life IS? or life ISN’T?

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