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When the pressure is too high is short fuse and quarrels come as a letter in the mail. One way to find your way back to each other is to lower the tempo together. gives you five easy ways to link the relationship stronger and slow down simultaneously.

Take a walk together

A joint walk in nature is good and good for body and soul. Stress levels decrease as we move on us and when we talk and go while we tend to argue less and be more creative in our conversations. Unleash all your inhibitions and look for your common dreams on the promenade.

Eat outside often

Change of scenery and to escape the stress of food, and desk make us good sometimes. Do you work not too far apart so book into a standing lunch once a week so you will have time to talk of peace and quiet with no children who cry out for attention.

Turn off the computer Do not start the day by checking emails, facebook, msn, twitter, RSS feedsen and news sites, it will inevitably raise the level of stress to the max. Choose a time of day when you log in and make your network issues and then close by to hang out with each other.

Turn off all phones

Turn the phone off at night so you do not wear out the thumb on income and at the same time gives you more opportunity to talk non-stop with your partner. The constant ringing and the clutch of talking and texting on the phone increases our stress level. At first it may seem stressful to turn off as well, but hold out for a while so it will feel better.


Television is incredibly relaxing, but sometimes it becomes an escape from the talks that are so important. Determine one night a week when you turn off the TV and do something else together.

Take a bath together

In a warm bath we relax. A warm bath together after a long stressful day can be an enjoyable time for both body and soul. Take the opportunity to talk about anything that spins around in your head or just enjoy.

Here are two hands-on tips to live more.

1st Release all must haves

There are so many "musts" in life that stress us and that we really can let go. When the stress and pressure will then do a quick list of all the haves and set the control question "What happens if I do not xxxxx" for each thing. If no catastrophe occurs if you release that very thing, you can probably ignore it or take it when life gets a little calmer.

2nd Create a minimalist lifestyle

All the gadgets, interests, clubs and hobbies and other things we create around us is not only a source of peace and quiet life. Sometimes we have to go through everything we have to clear. Sure it's fun with both boats, caravans, summer house, golf rounds, summer sports car and all the rest. But when the house is closed winter, sports car, removed, inspected caravan and the boat is painted, it is probably more work and hassle than the idyll that existed in dreams when they were purchased. Make a list of everything that takes your time in a week and think about which of those things you really want to do and what you could pick off.

3rd Create a minimalist home

By simplifying the home, we can avoid stress and frustration that often creates to live in the middle of a chaos. Gadgets and stuff everywhere are doing to our brains have trouble relaxing.

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