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Long Distance Realtionship Tips While Away In College
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Long Distance Realtionship Tips While Away In College

Long Distance Relationship Tips

If you are heading off to college, then you are most likely experiencing some problems with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is fairly normal among students who are just getting ready to enter college and one of the two will be heading off to another city or state. This can be quite traumatic for some couples and the relationship can often end before college even starts. However, if you two are able to keep the relationship together and you both have decided that you do not want to break up, then it is important that you take these tips in mind.

Give Space

This can often seem absurd because there is already a lot of space in a long distance relationship but this is where the problem starts. Since you two are very far apart, you will feel like you need to spend every minute talking to each other. This is something that every couple does when they are far apart but this is what causes someone to feel suffocated. Remember that it can be tough to improve as an individual when you are stuck on trying to figure out what the other person is doing. If you two are not yet married or you are still trying to build your careers up, it will be detrimental to spend time everyday talking to each other.

Send A Gift

Make sure you are able to know what she likes and find a way to send her a package full of everything. Remember that these gifts are very special and she will appreciate much more if you take the time to send her a package. You should try your best to surprise your partner with the gift and to make sure she has no idea that it's coming. By asking her friends to help out, you will have an idea as to where she will be when she gets it.


This is easily the backbone of every long distance relationship in this generation. Skype allows you to see and hear each other on a daily basis and it is surely one reason why more long distance relationships are able to work. However, talking to a computer screen can get very monotonous very fast and so you two will need to make sure that you have a lot of things to talk about when you are both talking on Skype.

Make Visits

The best way to keep the relationship strong is to make sure you two plan some visits. Take turns and visit each other so that the relationship never gets boring. Visit each other's campus and focus on being able to spend quality time with each other. 5-10 visits a year is more than enough and it will be a nice for both of you to still spend time with family and friends. Since you both are far apart, you will be able to really grow as an individual so that when you both can finally be together, you will be able to become a stronger couple. One of my favorite things I ever did was call my wife from one end of the US to the other and as we spoke over the phone, we both looked at the moon one night. Just imagine as we talked on the phone so far apart, we both were engaged looking at the moon. Wow, that was a touch of romance that I will never forget.


There really is no space for lying in a long distance relationship because it is all about honesty. Since you two have the freedom to do whatever you two want, then only trust will keep you two together. Once trust is broken, the relationship will never go back to where it was before. You will never be able to rekindle what you two had and it will all go down the drain. However, if you are able to still keep the relationship strong and there is still trust, then there is no reason why a long distance relationship cannot work.

Overall, a long distance relationship is very possible but you will need to have a plan that will bring you both together one day. If you both have a "definite end" to the distance, then the relationship can last a lot longer and will be able to withstand the troubles of a long distance relationship. These are some of the most common long distance relationship tips that you will find but they truly work and will give you the best opportunity at making a long distance relationship work when you both are in college.

Street Talk

Some great ideas here for couples who are apart. I found Skype a great help when I was in an LDR but nothing planning a visit. Gayle

  about 1 decade ago

Good ideas for building a stronger couple as you say in a long distance relationship. Nice article.

  about 1 decade ago
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