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Making Your Ex Jealous To Get Them Back - Does It Work?
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Making Your Ex Jealous To Get Them Back  -  Does It Work?

No matter what happened during your breakup, if you're still set on the idea of getting back together with your ex, you've already got a long, hard road ahead of you. You obviously can't do anything to force your ex to change their minds, and no amount of arguing is going to make them see things from your side of the fence. The only thing you can adequately control is yourself - you can determine which actions to take and how to react to negative influences surrounding the breakup. Ultimately, that's the only thing you do have any say over. If you are careful and make positive choices, you may have a shot of winning them back for good. If you try to force their hand or act overtly negatively, you may only succeed in pushing them away and making reconciliation completely impossible.

Your ex's emotions are not something that can be toyed with. Chances are good that you don't like to be manipulated or controlled. No one does, and your ex is no different. Messing with someone's emotions intentionally is often like poking a bear with a stick. You may be able to get away with it once or twice, but before long you're going to be faced with a very angry bear - and even the smallest ones are capable of ripping you to pieces.

If you want to play with your ex's feelings, make sure you're prepared for a reaction, because you're going to get one. That doesn't guarantee that the reaction you're going to get is the same as the one that you want - far from it. Jealousy may get your foot in the door - but it also may get the door slammed on your foot. It all depends on how sparingly you use it and how carefully crafted your overall plan is - and what you're willing to do to put it in motion.

The fact of the matter is that if you're intentionally trying to do something only to make your ex feel something, be it jealousy, anger, etc. - don't. It's only going to come back and bite you in the rear later on. No matter how dense your ex may sometimes seem, they will catch on to what you're doing eventually, and they're not going to be impressed. In fact, you'll just seem immature, desperate and not worth any more of their time. In short, you'll blow your chance before you even get started.

Because of the implications involved, dating someone new when you're only going for a jealous reaction on the part of your ex is not a good gamble to take. You're putting all your chips in one basket - and you're almost guaranteed to lose.

That's not to say that your best move after a breakup is to become a perpetual hermit and never leave the house. Getting out of your current mentality after a potentially emotional upheaval like the end of a relationship is often as easy as changing your environment. Go out and do new things. Spend more time with your friends, or meet new ones. By making the effort to move on, at least physically, you are increasing the likelihood that your ex will notice and begin to see you as an attractive partner again - and not just a lonely, sad ex.

When it comes to dating, however, your ex should not be a factor in your decision at all. If you do decide to see someone new, even casually, you need to make sure that you're not just rushing into something to numb the pain of your breakup - and you're definitely not doing it to try and make your ex jealous. If you begin dating again, make sure that you're actually interested in moving forwards and you're not simply seeing it as another lever to pull in your efforts to win your ex back.

When any other plan of action to regain your ex's attention fails, jealousy is indeed a viable option to consider. It can move the process forward significantly when used correctly - or backfire into a catastrophic blow up when misused or abused. Jealousy does not have a time limit and it can be just as effective a year or two down the road as it is two weeks after your relationship ends. It's likely to stir up some emotional response on the part of your ex, and it may reawaken some feelings in you as well. Therefore, using it can be the extra jump-start you need to reconnect and put the possibility of another relationship on the table when the standard methods fall short.

Jealousy should never be your only option, however. Because it is so powerful and so dangerous, it should only be used in situations where you have limited remaining resources, and not the first thing you try immediately following your breakup. There is a lot of information out there that can help you get your relationship back without having to turn to jealousy at all - and they're often more positive, productive and profitable overall than jealousy can ever hope to be.

What To Do Next

Making your ex jealous is no really a viable option if you want them to respect you and want you back. You have to be smarter than this and use other techniques that will not backfire on you. Get to grips with the no contact rule and how it can help create desire and interest on your ex's part again. You should also be avoiding common break up mistakes is you want to make your ex see you in a positive light.

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