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Positive Thinking Exercises
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Positive Thinking Exercises

I wrote this article to discuss positive thinking exercises to improve the overall quality of your life. Human beings in general fear breaking routine. Overcoming any form of fear will propel us to the life we want and deserve. These “exercises” are not meant for you to master in one day. Steady progression like anything in life is key. Accomplish daily what you can and learn what skill set works best for you.

Light Exercise:

I know this article is about “thinking” exercises not physical. You don’t need to break a sweat just enough to get your blood flowing a bit. The next time you need a positive surge of endorphins try going for a walk around your neighborhood. If your neighborhood isn’t too scenic and you’re up for it go for a hike and soak up the beauty of nature. You will feel totally refreshed after these activities and will give you some down time from your busy schedule.

Optional: Upon completion reward yourself with that creamy chocolate ice cream you’ve been hoarding in the freezer. Homer says it's cool !

Thought Awareness: Do you ever start to say negative things in your mind on a loop? For example the day of your big interview do you think statements like “They’re not going to hire me?” I’m not qualified.” “The economy is bad and they only hire a few people per year” Be aware of the internal dialogue you are running and shut out any negative self defeating talk. Replace them with statements like “I can” “I will” “I’m intelligent” etc. In the beginning it will be a real battle of thoughts and you may even feel silly repeating these statements. Persistence is the key! In time your thought patterns will be more accustomed to positive self talk and this will become a part of who you are.

Optional: Test your thought awareness by not monitoring it for a week. Take note of your reactions and your mood. The following week become more mindful of your thoughts and chart your reactions and mood. Compare and decide which is more beneficial to you.


Meditation has many positive benefits including clearing your mind, deep reflection, and inputting new and positive thoughts. Personally the use of guided meditation programs has helped me tremendously to steady my mind for the purposes of meditation. It has been my experience that people who schedule time to meditate and discipline themselves are able to think before reacting with their emotions.

Optional: If you really want to get in the “mood” find your local smoke shop and pick up some incense. Ahh Nag Champa!

Positive Attributes List: Before you go to sleep tonight make a list of all the self defeating words you apply to yourself on one side of the paper. Take the other side and come up with opposite more positive words to describe yourself. When you are ever in doubt and you start on the negative path take your paper and repeat in your head the positive statements you have listed.

Optional: Type the list into your smart phone and set a reminder or two during the day with positive phrases.

Monitor Your Tunes: Have you ever noticed how certain music can put you in a certain frame of mind? I am a music lover to the core and no one can deny the power that music has on us. It aids us when we need to be charged for a workout, finish a paper, relax with friends, or get ready to party. Music literally provides the soundtrack to our life. When you are feeling down and depressed don’t find the saddest music to listen to. Like clockwork after some breakups I would literally think I’m sad and heartbroken I might as well listen to “break up” music. I have also been in situations where I’m upset with someone and I’ll say okay let me find some “fight music” You know music that’s going to get me amped (angrier) and tighten my position that I’m right and they’re wrong. It makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Music I would recommend when you’re mad and angry would be classical. I’m not asking you to become “die hard” Vivaldi or Mozart fans although there are worse fates. The whole attempt here is to interrupt your thought pattern and have you focus on something more positive.

Optional: Design several playlists and get them portable so they are ready to go!

Proper Perspective: It is important to keep proper perspective when you are working on increasing your positivity. Many times when we are dealing with challenges we exaggerate what is happening to us. We tend to single out what is happening and turn a challenge into the world’s largest problem. The world is a realm of victories and losses and if we could all see it as a marathon race instead of a sprint it would put a proper prospective on situations. Remember you’re a marathon runner!

Optional: If you are reading this I am assuming you are living at a certain social/economic standard. To truly gain a proper perspective volunteer at least an hour of your time to help people in your community who are less fortunate than you. You have 3,600 seconds right ?

Future Planning: While a negative situation may be a reality to you at this point of your life it doesn't have to hold permanence. Remember to keep telling yourself this is only temporary. Will you plan for a bright future or darkness and despair? I realize that there is a gray area and no one plans to fail in life. There is a saying that states "If you don’t plan to succeed then you are planning to fail.” Focus on the promise of the future and what you want out of this life. Then take action and go for it! There is nothing in this life that will come to you if you don’t take a certain amount of necessary action.

Optional: Take the time to listen to and read articles on proper goal setting and take the necessary steps. Find someone to learn from that you can really connect to so it doesn't sound like "fluff".

I hope you have enjoyed positive thinking exercises and you will never forget the amount of power you have to change your life. Positive thinking can clear the way for positive flow that was once blocked by negative thought. Make positive thinking a part of your daily life and you will experience the dramatic changes. Thank you for reading this article and be sure to leave comments and check out more informative articles on this site.

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Great article, exercises for the brain I love it! Thank you

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