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Read My Husband's Text Messages
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Learning how to read my husband’s text messages was something that I thought would be hard. Yes, I could snoop through the phone and look at whatever he didn’t delete off. This was anything but convenient and I didn’t really ever find anything because as soon as he hits delete they are gone. I also tried with the phone bills to see if there was information on those that I was looking for. Truthfully, those were no help at all. It gave me a log of calls and then however many data minutes, and they texts if we went over our allotted number.

So I did some searching and found a few different things. There was a program that used the Bluetooth feature on our phones. This would have been alright except that we do not have an unlimited texting plan and I was worried about the extra cost to forward the messages through the Bluetooth. If you have unlimited messaging this could be something that you would want to look at more closely. I did not go through it that well when looking for a way to read my husband’s text messages because I did not think it would be cost effective for me so I do not know too much about it.

There were a thousand other programs out there on the web. Some of them looked pretty complicated so I did not spend too much time looking them over. However, there are a few that are pretty simple in design and look like they would be pretty efficient for allowing me to read my husband’s text messages. Some of them used the internet capabilities on the phones to send the data. The really nice part was that most of them send the information into a separate account on the internet where I can log in whenever I want to see the data it has collect. That sounded like the easiest way to read my husband’s text messages, but you might like something different. I should tell you too; that these programs need to be installed right onto the phone you want them to get the data off of.

As I said before, there are many programs that I could use to read my husband’s text messages. It all depended on what exactly I wanted and the equipment I had. Some software was specifically designed for certain types of phones and will not work with everything. You should check and make sure that whatever you look at using will actually work with what you have. I did notice that not all of them would, and you do not want to purchase something that will not work.

The bottom line; there are many different things out there that could make learning how to read my husband’s text messages much easier. I just had to find one that I liked and would work with what I had. You would probably have to do the same if you wanted to read the messages as well.

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Wow. I'm not sure this would be a good idea. If you think your spouse is cheating then maybe you need counseling not more cheating. Well I trust my wife and she has no reason to not trust me. Maybe if I had this problem I would find another way to handle this. I at one time thought about this with my teenagers but decided to try other ways. I feel trust is more a issue with this then my comments about the persons using this device. Just one mans opinion but a good article really made me think about this on a moral aspect.

  about 4 years ago
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