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Relationship Advice For Women - Five Tips On Avoiding Heartache
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You don't have to search to far nowadays to notice that there is not a shortage of relationship advice for the woman looking for how to get a boyfriend or deal with relationship issues. The information that is lacking is how to avoid relationship problems in the first place.

Know who you’re looking for

When it comes to your love life, I'm betting you're spending waay more time trying to look attractive to most men in general and little, if any time, thinking about the type of man you really desire to attract.

I'm not talking about your fantasy man, you know, tall, dark, handsome and weaalthy who lives the jet set life. I'm taliking about are you thinking about all the character attributes you desire in your ideal man.

Watch for big contradictions of your expectations, too. An example of what I mean is, if you want the strong silent type, don't complain when you end up with a macho man who has difficulty sharing his feelings with you.

Establish your boundaries

What are the deal breakers (boundries) that will signal you to get out of the relationship ASAP. Things like being phyically, verbally or emotionally abused, addictions or any criminal behavior.

Here is the rub though: these boundaries need to be thought out and decided upon before entering a relationship with a man. Once you're involved physically or romanticlly or worse yet, financially entangled, it;s far to easy for you to make excuses for the way he behaves.

Share your deal breakers with a friend, this is a great piece of relationship advice for women. Its great because when you phone her and complain about him, she can give you a gentle nudge and remind you that you said you would break up with any man that did that.

Learn the warning signs

Sick of getting hurt over and over by the same things? Well, your man radar is not functioning properly. In order to fix it, you have to be able to recognize the early warning signs of your love interest that indicate he is a possible cheater, alcoholic or physical abuser or anything else you want to avoid in a man. This way you'll filter out the undesirable men and focus on good men. If you need help seek out women who have dealt with these types of men and can share great relationship advice for women.

Listen to your gut

I'm guessing you heard this advice a few times, right? Well its a piece of advice that is repeated because of one reason..its so true! In a relationship, more than anywhere else, your gut feeling alone can often let you know something just isn't right and things are not going to work out. Pat attention to the instincts nature gave you.

Beware of instant attraction

Most of us at one time or another have met a woman who swears on a stack of bibles that the moment she made eye contact with the man she found her soul mate, who now by the way, is her husband. It can happen, another instinctive thing, I'm guessing.

Instant attraction, more often, eventually leaves you miserable and in a daze from the whirlwind affair that dies out in less than 30 days. If, upon just meeting a man, you feel irresistably attracted to him, step back and ask yourself why?

If no major stop signals present themselves, take the time to get to know the man, just do it slower than you usually would. A strong first attraction should be dealt with cautiously.

Take time to figure out and get clear on your needs and desires in a man before reading any more relationship advice for women. Get a clear and detailed picture in your mind of the type of man you desire, set up clear boundaries for any relationship you become involved in and this will give you a far greater chance of avoiding future heartache.

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