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The Ex Recovery System – It’s Not Always About Getting An Ex Back
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The Ex Recovery System – It’s Not Always About Getting An Ex Back

Break ups are painful, not easy to deal with and we usually react by finding effective ways on how to get an ex back. I was just like that before I came across The Ex Recovery System but the system gave me a different view on my whole break up thing.

The Ex Recovery System is created by Ashley Kay. She is no psychologist or expert but her views on how to step-by-step win an ex back is remarkable. I came across this system after days of searching different systems, dummy guide, articles and books about getting an ex back.

I am skeptic at first but in the end I decided to give it a try and just ask a refund if I don’t get the results I am aiming for.

To sum it up here are my pros about the system:

a. Its easily available

You don’t need to wait for a courier to send the item to you. It’s all digital, so once you successfully paid for it, an email will be sent to you to give you all the details you need to log in their members only website.

b. There’s a sense of exclusiveness

Ashley Kay created this member’s only website that is only available for customers. That feature made me feel like they are dedicated to help those people who bought the product.

c. Forums with live chat feature

As part of their member’s only website they also have this forums, again member’s only, where customers are open to share their opinions and stories with other customers. This is the part that I mostly enjoy because it made me feel like I am not the only person suffering from a break up and there are other people who are even suffering more. What I love more about the forums is I was able to make a few online friends. Plus, the chat feature lets you chat with Ashley herself and some of her team when they’re online.

d. Customer service

I think of all the features, this one stands out. I personally didn’t expect a reply when I asked for an advice but someone replied and gave her personal honest opinion about my situation. This only shows that Ashley and her team really care. They also have a 60 days money back guarantee.

As for the cons:

a. Technical issues like website unavailable download issues and etc. but the good side is they’ll send an email explaining why the problem happened or they’d assist you with your problem or even offer an alternative solution for your problem.

b. Customer service is not available on weekends and email turnaround is 24-48 hours. Well, I guess they also have to rest and they really get tons of emails every day.

Now, let’s go back to my title. I mentioned it’s not always about getting an ex back, don’t get me wrong the system guides you on how to win an ex back but I think the important lesson I got from the system is how you should love yourself on top of all the hurt and pain you’ve been through. I think this is what most of us forget to do, loving ourselves again.

Yes breaking up is painful but if you don’t pick yourself up from the pain and just wallow on the pain then it will only show on you. Your ex will only be seeing that person he/she broke up with instead of the person they fell in love with before. It taught me how letting go of the pain can help you more than just the idea of winning an ex back.

Getting an ex back is one awesome achievement but learning to love yourself despite of all the pain you suffered from is more rewarding.

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