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I am 35-years old single woman and until recently I could not say I am very lucky dating men.I didn`t know why but it seemed like I tended always to date men who always broke my heart and left me crying.

All of them were wonderful in the beginning of a relationship.They took me out for dinner,they told me how beautiful I am and how lucky they are to have met me. In time however,they became less attached to me.Some never called back,others broke dates or suddenly became very bussy.They never said they loved me and if I spoke about commitment they changed the subject.I was desperate.I longed a relationship with somebody both exciting and dependable but I didn`t really know how I can make this happen. I didn`t feel like sharing my personal hardships with somebody to get help.I couldn`t afford paying for consultation.Than what?

One day a friend of mine was talking about a book she loved and recommended to everyone.The name of the book was "The Woman Men Adore...and Never Want to Leave".The author,Bob Grant,a qualified and experienced psychologist has worked for 17 years as a counselor and therapist .He is an expert about the relationships between women and men.

I wasn`t very excited about this idea but finally I decided to try.What was my surprise when reading that book I found out what I was doing wrong.I understood that I`ve had patterns of dating losers.Who are these guys?O,they are men who are totally into themselves.This kind of men don`t really care about women`s needs.They are charming and sweet talking.They look honest and responsible but their goal usually is to sweep the woman off her feet into the nearest bed.Sorry for being so straight but this is the ugly truth.

Anyway I saw myself like one of this unfortunate women who had confused the huge experience with sincerity.

When we start a relationship, we don`t mean to be hurt .What most often happens is that many of us tend to confuse intensity with reliability.We meet someone who makes us feel wonderful and we assume that this person is right for us.I am not saying that the feelings are not right .Not the feelings but their intensity make us ignore bad or inconsistent behavior we would clearly see if we were not so emotionally involved.

So I learned that most of the problems I`ve experienced in my relationships were self-imposed.Now I know how to use my feminine strength to get through the man I like and make him fall in love with me.Now I know that understanding your partner,what he exactly likes and appreciate in women, is one of the most important things for a good and stable relationship.Don`t be afraid to be a women.Don`t be afraid to use those" little secrets" which are in women`s possession to attract your man.Making him happy will makes you happy.Giving is always much more important than receiving and pays off much better.

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