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Why Are Homosexuals So Hated
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My mother once told me to love everyone as I would love myself. Anytime you find yourself talking about this subject with someone, more often than not, they will attempt to rely on a verse from the bible. I will ask them if they literally believe everything that is written therein. They will say yes. I then ask about the part that refers to picking up serpents, all of a sudden that part does not apply. I just humbly tell them that they are full of it and just walk away.

Regardless of what your beliefs may be in this regard, history is replete with documentation that homosexuality has been with us for a very long time. Some members of humanity are very strange, if everyone does not think like them, something must be wrong with you.

It would be useless to mention some the atrocities committed by men against other men, just because they did not understand them. I fail to understand how some men think they have the right to proclaim what the status of other men should be. If humankind had the ability to make a man, I probably would have a better understanding of the argument. Since that is not the case, we all find ourselves washed up on the same shore of life, with the same final results in the end; death.

I find it rather difficult to keep my own head above the fray. I often wonder where the haters find the time to worry about how someone else may act and look, or worry about what goes on in other’s bedroom. For the life of me, I just cannot understand their perspective. In all honesty, I must say I do understand why they cannot see my perspective, that is because we are different. Live and let live. However, my beliefs in this regard are centered on doing no harm to other human beings. My mother told me that if you cannot say something nice about someone, keep your mouth shut.

Should there become a time or place wherein I am threaten by anyone, at that time I will feel inclined to look into or investigate someone’s behavior. Otherwise, I have no personal need to carry a banner proclaiming to be better than someone else is.

Many people die in wars because others cannot accept the lifestyles of someone else. Live by my rules, or I will destroy you.

My mother also told me that since I did not create anyone, I have no right to hurt or condemn anyone, unless it is in self-defense. If we could only learn to respect and love each other for which we are, instead of for what we want them to be, the world would be a much better place.

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