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Why Do We Depend So Much On What The Others Tell Us And Is It Good To Always Know The Definition Of What We Feel?
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When we walk into the room full of people, we are trying to find something interesting for us, someone who would make our evening or even more depending on our goals. We look at the faces of people, how they behave, talk and laugh. We are trying to see someone comforting and who is the right type for us. Why do we do that? Maybe we are not conscious of that fact but no matter what, when you are single you wish that there would be someone who could become more than a stranger for you. Our brain no matter what is trying to figure out where the future of yours is and it makes sure that you will not miss it.

And so you look around and notice this one person who you just cant stop looking at. It happens, it is not a lie… You smile and the happiness goes through your body like an electric shock. But what is it?

People became so arrogant and not romantic that they even forgot that looking at a person and feeling happy is real. We have words like love and like. But what is it when you don’t know the name at a person you are looking at; you have never seen him before? What is it that? We all became so material and fake that we stopped thinking about our true feelings. We act as other people expect us; we feel what is normal and accepted in this world. But what about what we really want? People laugh at you if you say that you see this one person in the particular place every week and you don’t even bother to introduce yourself because it is enough for you right now just to know that he is somewhere out there and that he smiled at you and that it made you absolutely happy and full of energy for the long time. You see him and you don’t even know what your feeling are but the smile just doesn’t leave your face and you don’t mind that you might look like an idiot. Someone says that it is just because of boredom and that you are trying to find something to think about until you find someone. And maybe it is true in some cases. But what if not… What if the opinions of other people of what is right and normal are wrong? What if by listening to them you will miss the time of your life and loose the happiness?

You know that the person that makes you happy by just smiling at you is somewhere out there; his appearance makes your day or even a week. So why ruin everything by listening to what the others think? They don’t know what is going on inside you…they don’t know how it feels to be you… So, if only him looking at you make you happy then when you will feel that it is not enough you will make step forward and find out who is the person that helps you to live through he difficulties of everyday life. And most likely if he smiles at you and you feel the connection he will come forward and make the first move…

Don’t bother thinking to what others say…don’t try to define the feelings… What you have is more than some simple definition…you can understand what you feel and it is a beauty of it! If we know everything in advance and could explain and prove our feeling with some formula…. our life would be not worth living. Listen to yourself, feel the joy that life gives you and don’t question yourself when it comes to feeling good, happy, free and sexy…. You are an artist, make you work extraordinary…

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