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Does God Love Me
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Interesting that you should as such a question; even people blessed with all the material things the world can offer, may ask this question. It is because in the physical world we usually gage if someone loves us by how they treat us. Some of us think it is because people buy us stuff, they must love us, some of us believe because they say at least 30 times a day that they love you that they must love you. I’ve seen guys buy their wives diamond rings and still hit them or cheat on them. I’ve seen guys call every hour and tell their wife they were just thinking of them and they love them; all while at their lady of the night's house. So how indeed do you know someone loves you or know the answer to the question, does God love you?

The bible lays it out in a simple answer; the answer is in the covenant God made with the children of Israel, which is the covenant of all times. In the Ten Commandments; this is how you can gage to see if someone loves you and it answers the question does God love me. The first four commandments express to you how to love God. Being loved always begins with you showing love; to have friends you must show yourself friendly. In the commandments; the first four is how you love God; you have no other gods before Him, you make no graven images or bow down to them, you do not use the Holy Name of God Jesus in vain, and you remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

Jesus said if you keep the commandments you will have eternal life; but he also said if you love Him; keep His commandments (St. John 14 v15). The latter six commandments beginning with honoring your mother and father state how we are suppose to love our fellow man. If a person respects and honors their parents, does not lie, steal, kill, covet, and avoids committing adultery; I can feel safe and comfortable around such a person and in essence know they love their fellow brother.

In 2nd John 1 verses 6; it says that love is that we walk after God’s commandments and that this is what it has been since the beginning; that we love God and we keep His commandments. If you are doing this, you can with certainty know that the Lord God is pleased with you and loves you. Sure you may have hard times or seem like you can’t get a break but just remember God chastises those that He loves (Hebrews 12 v6). Money can’t go with you into death; neither can job promotions, a beautiful wife, or a super duper business investment. Only the keeping of the Words of God can enter you into eternal life.

I use to ask "does God love me,” and I am confident that He does because I love Him and do what He commands. We won’t be perfect, but we can try our best.

Koko Ishe

Street Talk

A better question is " do you love yourself "? Without love for yourself, how can you truly love others, how can you truly love God?

  about 1 decade ago
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