Michael Brown And The Law Of Attraction
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Many of us are beginning to believe in the Law of Attraction. There are a lot of us; men, women, black, white, young and old, who are actually beginning to believe that our thoughts, and the intentions behind our thoughts, create the lives we experience whether we're conscious of it or not. And, being conscious, a lot of us are really starting to believe that we may have some control over our lives after all, that we ultimately control our lives by the thoughts we choose to think, and by the emotions we feel as a result of those thoughts. Oprah taught us all this. That you ultimately reap what you sow. Karma. “As a Man Thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

The Law of Attraction stresses the power of our thoughts, our intentions, and the feelings behind them. That we live in an intelligent, responsive universe that corresponds with, and responds to, the vibrations we emit. This Law is immutable, inescapable . We cannot not broadcast to the universe in every moment of our being, who we are in the moment. And the universe answers our call, sometimes almost instantaneously, and reflects back to us by making manifest the same state, in some form, on the physical plane.

It is supposed to be a Law Absolute according to those teaching this law. From Jay-Z, to Oprah, Ekhardt Tolle, Dwayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and Tony Robbins, all, believe the philosophy that you bring into your life only what you've first become, inside yourself.

This is not new. Eastern Traditions have been teaching the same principle for tens of thousands of years. It is the western mind; the analytical, categorizing, left hemispheric region of the brain, that is just now catching on en masse. What started small, as part of the Hippie movement during the social and cultural revolution of the nineteen sixties, and with the Beatles' introduction of the Guru, Maharishi Mahesh, and his teachings, today, boasts tens of millions of believers and practitioners of regular meditation in the United States alone.

In fact, unprecedented numbers of people all over the world, are tuning in, listening to, and trying to discover, their inner voice, power, and potential. Even, Christ, said, “The Kingdom of God, is within the midst of you”. And that; “You will do things even greater than this”. The Law of Attraction teaches basically that there is a tremendous creative power in the universe that is God, and that a part of this God is within each of us.

I'm not the greatest proponent of this Law because it hasn't yet really been proven to me that it really is true, that it really is a law. I'm still testing it myself, I'm still waiting to win the lottery. But I have to admit that I've seen some things happen in my lifetime, and have had personal experiences of my own, where, I cannot get around thinking that, when I remember situations in my past, where I really wanted something bad; my mood, my mindset, my determination and will, played a very large role in the outcome of the situation. From seeing an attractive woman; liking and wanting her, to getting her, to getting the job I asked for, to wanting to, and starting, my own business, there was a feeling I remember having that preceded the physical manifestation of the thing asked, and hoped for.

So I'm thinking, what if all this stuff going on with the police, and their recent interactions with minorities, what if all this stuff is being caused by the Law of Attraction, on both the part of the victim, and on the part to the police officer in each case.

In the case of Michael Brown, I had not yet reached any verdict on the incident between him and the Officer that killed him until I saw the video of him in the act of committing a strong arm robbery; grabbing, taking, and bullying himself in and out of a convenience store just before he was killed. The last part of the video shows him on his way out of the store after grabbing a handful of cigars and walking out without paying for them, and the owner of the store making a tepid attempt to stop him. It was at this point in the video where Michael Brown turned his body toward the store owner in defiance, daring the owner to come any closer, and the store owner cowering away in fear of the young man probably twice his size, that I changed my mind. I don't know Michael Brown, I don't know his character, I don't know how he lived his life, but at least on that day, at that time, in that store, and the way he came at that man the way he did, he was a bully. He was not a hero. He was a bully. And when he left the store, he was looking for trouble.

I am willing to bet there is not one man in America who didn't feel what I felt when I saw that video, and who didn't like what they saw, had they put themselves in the storeowners' shoes. Here you are, you're the owner of the store, and another man comes in to your store, takes what he wants and dares you to say or do anything about it; in your own store, and you fear him. He just comes in, takes over, disrespects you, your store, and your customers, with no regard for anyone else but himself. And you stand there afraid of him. What man would want that for himself. Who would want to be like that.

If I had been that man in that store on that day, I would have wanted to, and probably would have shot Michael Brown right then and there, had I access to a gun. And I know most men feel the same way and would have done the same thing. It wouldn't have mattered if Michael Brown was Black or White, Its not a black or white issue, its about mutual respect between men. Basic stuff. No self-respecting man allows another man to just disrespect him when he knows that he is equal to any man, that all men are equal.

The officer in that case is no better. 'Get the f*** out of the street' were the first words out of his mouth. Again, basic respect just not there. And from there, things escalated until one is dead, and the other living; but living a nightmare, getting fired as a Police Officer, and losing, or getting fired from, one job after the other apparently reaping what he's sown. Karma. The Law of Attraction is now kicking his ass, and its happening for a reason.

So, if this Law of Attraction thing is really real, then that means we cant blame anyone for anything that happens to us. We're not victims at all. We really are the adults that we say we are, try and strive to be. We are powerful creatures that have the ability to create our own lives. We are free. Masters of our own fate. It this is true, then it is up to each one of us to accept the responsibility of this great freedom. this great privilege of being free.

I do believe that you do reap what you sow. It all comes back to you in some way or other. Pay Attention. Watch what happens around you, and beware of your intentions and what you feel in your heart. You'll see all kinds of things. But don't ask me to prove it. I cant. I really do not know anything for sure. Like I said, I'm still waiting on winning the Lottery. Maybe then, if I win, I'll know for sure. Until then, however, The Law of Attraction, it is something to think about. Free Website Directory

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