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New Catholic Translation For The Liturgy – An Awkward Transition For Some
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The new translation of the missal has caused Roman Catholics to be either a bit thrilled or a bit confused during the ceremony. For the first time in 40 years, English speaking Roman Catholics across the world will be relying on adjusted copies to participate during the ceremony every Sunday.

For the first time since 1973, a new version of the Roman missal that was commissioned by the late Pope John Paul II will be launched in Catholic Churches all across America this Sunday, November 27 and will soon be used on some other continents.

In year 2000, the late Pope John Paul II, commissioned church translators to draft a more formal word-for-word translation of the Roman missal. However, Churchgoers from all over the world tended to forget the changes to important phrases that some people had somehow learned from their childhood. Thus numerous Roman Catholics are confused and some are not happy with the entire change of the Roman missal.

Churchgoers may be confused and may disagree about the liturgy changes; on the other hand, supporters of the translation say the new revision of the liturgy helps to convey the sacredness of the traditional mass.

Most of the changes are within the prayers that the priests say, but there are significant differences in the responses of the worshipers, too. The new Roman missal received plentiful and mixed reactions from Roman Catholics, including many priests to postpone the introduction of the new translation.

But, what is the importance of this new translation? Why did the Roman Catholic Church want to have a new translated version of the liturgy? And, what is the difference between the old English translation of the Roman missal and the new one?

The new and different English translation of the missal more contains or follows the old style and syntax of the Latin language. But, does this mean that the old English translation for the Liturgy was not accurate at all?

Some scholars believe that the new version of the English translation of the Roman missal is more poetic and filled with imagery. However, some people also believe that there are many differences between the old and new translation that somehow change the meaning of the mass. Thus, the new transition could feel a bit bumpy or disruptive to some.

Does having a new version of translation for the liturgy entirely mean that the Roman Catholic Church should seek professional translation and interpreting services to ensure that the quality of the language translation is correct, and everything has been properly translated?

Languages totally change over time, and they are the fundamental tool for communication, including in the Church. Thus, if a certain language doesn’t really suit the proper thoughts of the changing nature of languages, it is important that people, including the Catholic Church should maintain the significance of the text by using accurate translation and interpreting services.

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