Silent Night - Is 197 Years Old And Despite His Age Is One Of The Most Popular Christmas Songs In The World
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Silent Night  -  is 197 Years Old And Despite His Age is One Of the Most Popular Christmas Songs In the World

For the first time performed his work in the small church of St.

Nicholas in Oberndorf, near Salzburg, during Midnight Mass in 1818. Fr. Joseph Mohr and local teacher and organist Franz Xaver Gruber.

Carol really liked the faithful, and today is sung in approx. 300 languages worldwide. Despite his age, "Silent Night" is still one of the most popular Christmas carols.

To the first embodiment composed two years earlier by Mohr "Weihnachtslied" (Songs for Christmas) occurred in unexpected circumstances

-wspomina Manfred Fischer, head of ethnographic museum in Oberndorf, where there is extensive documentation related to the carol and its authors and chapel to mention this event.

At the last minute before Midnight Mass refused to obey worn-out bodies church. Nicholas. It remained so only the possibility of a "surrogate" singing with guitar accompaniment.

Then the two authors (bass and baritone) sang for the first time its carol. Soon both left Oberndorf and long not performed that song.

Over the years, Joseph Mohr full pastoral duties in 11 different parishes.

He died in 1848. Wagrain at the age of 56 years.

They preserved behind only the cassock, guitar, pipe and snuffbox. There was not even enough money for the expedition him a decent burial, because their savings spent on the creation of a school for poor children. He was buried in a tomb for the poor.

It was only in 1822. "Silent Night" heard the Emperor Francis I and hosted by him at the castle Fugen Tsar Alexander I and the 15 December 1832 r.

Made this carol concert in Leipzig. On Christmas Eve 1839. "Silent Night" sung for the first time in New York. Before the statue of Alexander Hamilton at Holy Trinity Church offside done the Austrian Tyrolean singers, who at that time were on tour in the US.

The first translation into English carol was created in the years 1855-1859. She made by John Freeman Young, later bishop of the Episcopal Church in Florida.

His version of "Silent Night" is sung today in the US.

Church of Sts. Nicholas in Oberndorf, where the first Christmas carol "Silent Night! Holy Night "sung by her authors was demolished at the turn of the century after the great floods that hit the region of Salzburg. At this point in the 30s chapel was built to commemorate the event dating back more than 180 years.

The authors of the carols are devoted to two stained glass windows of the chapel.

"Silent Night" has been translated into nearly 300 languages. Registered more than a thousand of its version (in English and Italian there are at least 8, in French - 11). Most often they are sung three of the six stanzas of the carol.

"Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" is known in English as "Silent night, holy night", in French: "Douce nuit, sainte nuit!", "Santo Natal! Notte d'Opal "- in Italian," Noche de paz! Noche de luz "- in Spanish," Stille Natt, Heliga natt! "-

In Swedish," Ákamot mét, Ákamot mét "- in the language of the Indians of the Brazilian Amazon basin," Shizukeki mayonaka Maki no MISORA "- in Japanese, or or "Tichaja nocz, diwnaja nocz" - in Russian. The text was also translated into a Latin and begins with the words: "Alma nox, Tacita nox!".

In Arndorfie near Oberndorf preserved is the room in which he lived, Franz Gruber, composer of carols and where it was created. Opposite the museum is the parish church, where Gruber was an organist and directed the local choir.

At his grave in the local cemetery on Christmas Eve it is also sung "Silent Night".

Every year around the "Silent Night Chapel" in Oberndorf collects more than 6 thousand. humans.

Each sings a Christmas carol in their own language with traditional accompaniment of guitars

She said Christine Deutinger, director of the tourist office in Oberndorf. This small village on the river Salza usually through December is experiencing a crowd of pilgrims.

As every year, on Christmas Eve afternoon on the route Salzburg - Oberndorf - Salzburg leave a special old train from Bethlehem Light of Peace. His passengers, including many singers, will meet with St. Santa Claus, after which the torch will go to the chapel of "Silent Night", paying tribute to the authors of the most popular carols of the world.

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