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The Millennial Reign Of Christ
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What do you think of when you think of the return of Jesus Christ?  Normally people are thinking about folks getting raptured off, sinners getting left behind, chaos, violence, destruction, and a real ungoverned earth.  If this is what you think of then it is recommended you treat your bible like morning eggs; you need to crack it open a bit.  The return of Jesus the Christ is a bit graphic, it can be raunchy, scary, and the bible says no man should request that day.  I DO NOT request that day; but I do wish for what goes on after that day and His return to earth.  Many Christians are not familiar with the term the millennial reign of Christ; so to some this short news brief of an article on this topic will not even touch the grain on your understanding but I hope to shed some light.

When Jesus the Christ returns with the clouds; He is not going to rapture people off and go back to heaven.  He will indeed call up the righteous dead and the righteous living to meet Him in the air and then they all will come down to the earth for the epic battle of all times (1st Thessalonians 4 v16-17).  We know that Jesus is coming back down to the earth because it was told to the eyewitnesses who saw Him being lifted up into the heavens (Acts 1 v9-12).  The verse 12 told that they were on the Mt. of Olives when Jesus ascended back to heaven; that is the exact spot He will return as it is told in Zechariah chapter 14 beginning at verse one.

Jesus will come back to the earth and begin to put everything in order.  After Jesus humbles all nations He will set up His government, which will be headquartered in Jerusalem.  All nations will gladly go up to Jerusalem to receive their instructions and to finally learn the way of the Most High God (Isaiah 2 v2-4).  It is during this time Jesus will reinstitute things He had in the beginning such as long life; and we’re not talking about celebrating your 100th birthday and you are in a wheelchair decrepit and wondering who are all these people clapping and forcing you to cut a cake.  I’m talking about celebrating your 900th birthday smiling getting ready to dance it up at night with your family.

The Lord will also reinstitute peace between the animals, including peace with humans.  Today if a lion happens to meet you in the street; it is not a good thing for you.  But during millennial reign of Christ a young child will walk with a lion and no harm will be done.  The Lord God of Heaven and Earth gave man 6 days to work and one day of rest, the 7th day.  A day to God is 1,000 years so this millennial reign is 1,000 years of rest and peace on the earth.  Peace from all the wars, killings, and brutal hardships man has inflicted on himself.  Jesus will return to correct this and bring peace back to this earth during the millennial reign of Christ.

Thus in affect, the millennial reign of Christ is no more than the 1,000 years of peace on the earth, which is no more than the real Sabbath day.  Just as the animal sacrifices was a shadow of good things to come, so with the Sabbath.  The Lord in His 10 Commandments has us remember the Sabbath day because it points to the bigger picture of what it represents; and it represents the Lord’s rest.  The millennial reign of Christ is the actual Sabbath day and it is the seventh thousand year since the creation of Adam a day of rest for all mankind.  There is a requirement to get into this day; you must believe, keep the commandments, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.  Then blessed are you in Jesus name.  Studying the bible is a joy to all who love and fear the God of Israel.

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