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What Does The Bible Say About Abortion?
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This topic is great in the secular world, where people really feel the need to let others know there opinion. They argue this to death doing stand ins, demonstrations, and even violent acts. Is abortion legal or illegal, is it right or wrong, is it fair or unfair? Is it fair to a mother who cannot take care of the child or is it fair to the child to be born into a family that cannot fully take care of them? Many questions arise but ultimately we as Christians should wholly rely on what one Being thinks of the whole matter. That is the God of Israel, even Jesus the Christ. The bible literally has answers for everything and this is no exception. When I searched the scriptures to see what the bible says about abortion, I could not find a direct denouncing of abortion or a direct approval.

What does the Bible say about abortion? I will not give my opinion but instead I will outline certain scriptures and hopefully you can form your own firm conclusion. It has been proven that the fetus is a living organism. Eighteen days after conception the baby’s heart begins to beat; six weeks we are able to see brain waves. At the eight week mark, very important organs begin to function and we can even see the formation of fingerprints. Doctors have also reported that at the ninth week the baby is able to feel discomfort or pain. This point, points to the fact that the baby is alive and living. We then can go to Exodus chapter 20 verses 13 and read, “You shall not kill.” Taking a life is supposedly illegal in many countries (especially an innocent life), yet this is done routinely. It is against the laws of God according to the bible.

The Lord God of Israel thoroughly speaks against murder throughout the bible and abortion, no matter which way you view it, is a form of murder. In David’s recant of what drove the God of Israel against the children of Israel, he stated they picked up the ways of the nations. This included shedding innocent blood and sacrificing their sons and daughters to devils and idols (Psalm 106 v37-39). In one of Jesus’ statues and judgments, He states that if men are arguing or fighting and does something to wound a woman who is pregnant; they must pay the cost to the husband for whatever damage is done. This includes if the child is lost, the offender must also pay with his life (Exodus 21 v22).

Regarding abortion, the bible states clearly how God plans for the child in the womb. He knows us while we are in the womb (Jeremiah 1 v5). The God of Heaven and Earth has plans for us the moment we are in the womb of our mothers (Isaiah 49 v1-4, Job 31 v15). The whole pregnancy process shows me that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139 v13-14). The process from start to finish is a heavenly science that only God can make and should have the authority to take. After all He says that the whole earth is His and we should not be tampering with things that belong not to us (Psalm 24 v1). I personally can understand the emotional events that one has to go through in the decision should they abort a child or should they keep them.

When we look at what the bible says about abortion we can get a clear view from the Most High God that we should steer from it and take up the responsibility of raising a child up. God does understand our situations in the flesh; this is why Jesus has become a more better High Priest to advocate our circumstances to the Father. With the raping of women today, sure some will not want a child from that cause; but to have abortions for “lame” reasons, that is something every person must conclude to themselves. Good bible study ministry hopes to offer help biblically in this area to allow you to make the best choices possible. God bless you in Jesus name.

Koko Ishe

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