What Proves I Am Intelligently Designed?
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What Proves I Am Intelligently Designed?

What Would You Need As Proof of Your Design?

opinions from a business systems designer

In order to understand the validity of the Intelligent Design Theory it is necessary to understand a little about what you are made of and how the design of you cannot be accidental. It is far more probable that you are intelligently designed rather than accidental. It seems far more likely, probably extremely likely to the nth degree, that Charles Darwin got the whole thing wrong.

So What Would It Take To Construct You?

You need to have a super-computer and communications software and hardware. You are a complex and extremely complicated piece of machinery that needs a control center. This control center in you is masterminded in every cell of your body.

Your next requirment is a complete chemical processing plant with all anti-change mechanisms and error correction software and hardware in every cell. If you don’t you could mutate and turn into an ape- which is, when you think about it, far more likely according to evolutionary mutation theories. Aren't they Mr. Dawkin?

Every cell then needs to be able to test what chemicals are coming in and out of this cellular chemical plant. Allowing in only those that the chemical plant needs for the production of the various components needed to get the cell factory duplicator system going.

And finally you have to turn it all on. You need a power supply. The cell biofactory produces its own power from the chemicals it allows into its interiors. But somehow you’ve got to turn it on or kick start this biofactory because there isn’t an on/off switch. So somehow we have to get power in to start this biofactory up with no way to get the power in? The electricity companies cannot help - they would just blow you to pieces. You need tiny amounts of controlled power which is exactly as in every cell of your body!

Science hasn’t solved this yet – if it had it would be yelling the news that man had started a dead cell and got it living. We would indeed be gods on earth. All genetics that we have carried out to date have been based on copying what is already there. Were they to achieve activation of a dead cell they wouldn't be able to move under the pile of Nobel prizes they would be awarded. Heck, even their grandmothers would be awarded special nobels because of how clever their genes turned out to be down the line.

But we have just begun to comprehend the molecule DNA so our journey into you continues.

Following that you discover that this biofactory copies itself and automatically trigers - at the correct time - all the necessary chemicals to change it’s own physical composition and become a brain cell or a heart cell. Whichever it becomes, the software for all parts plus their activation codes to allow change into other parts of the whole growing unit, is present at the start of the very first cell. If it was not already there no cell would have been able to reproduce itself.

We are just starting here, to get closer to what DNA is. The data storage and data interactions mechanisms are mindblowing in this biofactory – 1 stem cell. All parts of the DNA program run at once, they are either active or inactive but being monitored by genes should they need to activate.

The fact that error checking mechanisms are present during the DNA replication processes proves certain things:

Replication software and hardware were already in the first cell. How could the first cell have coded DNA programming telling it how to assemble into a replicating unit? This type of mechanism is way beyond the ability of man and current understanding of man. It iseems impossible to accidentally create any computer program plus computer and have the ability within this accidental computer to build its own CD drive, Screen, Keyboard, CPU Processing systems, Data bus systems (computer internal communications), Data cabling between all parts of the computer parts, etc, etc. (akin to linking all computers on earth that are able to be on the internet linked and working together to make even more computers) – this is but one multicelled creature.

Each cell contains error checking systems to prevent, not enhance, change.

The existence of DNA clearly proves created life is a fact. Your existence proves the design of DNA works. Computer systems can not, and never have come about by accident. I know this fact because I have worked with business computer networks from electronic component level, through business software design, as well as systems network design and data communications. No computer network with physical hardware and software and data storage capabilties even suddenly turned up in any office I visited. Had that been the case there would have been spontaneous business networks accidentally appearing throughout history. Obviously they haven’t because WE didn’t make them in the past. It took design by man to invent and create the internet, it wasn’t accidentally here, WE made it.

Every DNA molecule in your body has information at birth telling your body what it will become. Many of the processes which occur during the lifetime of most creatures are triggered later in life. In humans babies do not grow teeth until a certain age, rarely when born. The changes that occur after the baby has developed for a few years suddenly trugger puberty and a whole new section of the coding in DNA becomes active. All of the intructions to do this are present when the cell is first formed. This clearly demonstrating that foreknowlegde of what the cell would become exists when the cell starts.

It is simply staggering that so-called scientists and micro biologists cannot see what is right in front of them. But they only have one eye open because, in their professional certainty, God cannot exist. If they thought He did they would have to stop inventing atom bombs.....but that's a whole other story.

Look around you. Look at every form of coding that exits, (not all of them yourself or you will be a long time). Find ONE that did not require intelligence in it’s design (even birdsong) or in it’s decoding (when other dickie birds listen). Find ONE and you too will be buried under Nobel prize. You won't however for one blindingly obvious reason - so obvious a child would work this out:

They ALL require intelligence at both ends.

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