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Budget Friendly Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home In Ohio
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Budget Friendly Ways to Increase the Value Of Your Home In Ohio

There are many budget friendly ways to increase the value of your home with an investment less then $2,000.

Whether you are looking to put your house for sale or just looking to upgrade your home for your own comfort, there are many affordable home improvement ideas you can tackle.

Your first step is to identify what you want done to the house. A good question you should ask yourself or your realtor is " If I had a magic wand and I could change any one thing I wanted to about my house, what would it be?"

After you have identified the project you want completed, the next important step is to determine if it is something that you can do yourself or if you will bid the project out to a local qualified contractor.

You may be a homeowner who enjoys spending their weekends involved in their latest DIY project or you may be a homeowner who would rather enjoy their couch, some potato chips and a good movie while someone else improves their home. Either way here are some home improvement ideas, projects, and tips to get you started.

First project that I recommend is one that will make a great first impression on any guest arriving to your home, a new front door. Your front door is as important to your home as your face is to you. It is usually the first thing anyone who arrives at your home will see or touch.

Changing your front door is an important step in increasing the value and efficiency of your home. If you are looking to sell your home it can actually increase your home's perceived value by as much as 17%.

A high performance front entry door system can also lower your energy bills by reducing air drafts, thermal conductance, solar heat gain, and by increasing visible transmittance of light. Fiberglass doors with Rot-Free jambs can offer a lasting and affordable alternative to wood while lowering your gas bill.

Today's high performance doors are so energy efficient that they don't need storm doors, which detract from their beauty. If a screen is desired, consider a retractable one which will not hide your beautiful new door or get in your way when you have an arm full of groceries.

Picking your door is the fun part, but installation of one requires advanced carpentry skills, unless you have replaced one in the past it can be helpful, and cost effective to hire a professional.

Total cost for door replacement DIY $1,300 - $1,700 and for a professional install is $1,500 - $2,300.

Another important project you should consider is window replacement. If you have lived in your home for more then fifteen years or you know that your windows are at least that old, you need to at least consider this home improvement.

Although, not for the beginning do-it-yourselfer there are many instructional videos available on window and door installs making installation easier for a homeowner.

First thing you have to decide before you attempt to replace your windows is whether you need wood or vinyl replacement windows.

If you live in an upscale custom home community or a historical district you may not have a choice. You should consider a vinyl or aluminum clad wood window. Today's premium wood window manufacturers make energy efficient, weather resistant, wood models that will fit your needs and architectural desires.

If you live in an average neighborhood like the most of us, then your best choice, and most affordable option will be vinyl windows. They have a lower upfront cost then wood windows, less maintenance, and are more efficient then even the most expensive wood windows.

Newer designs and more advanced materials are overcoming the most common objection to vinyl windows, "They look cheap". Earlier, plastic looking models were boxy and clunky like. While the latest models have architectural features like cove moulded headers, quarter rounded interior sashes, and contoured exteriors.

Many vinyl window manufacturers now offer wood looking interior veneers. Some can even be stained and sanded.

While the total cost for a single wood replacement window can run into the thousands you can replace windows in several rooms for under $2,000 with vinyl windows. Professional installation of your windows will range from $100 - $225 per window for a quality finished interior and exterior.

One of the most affordable and easiest ways to increase the value of your home is to paint it. Weather you plan to do the interior or exterior a beginner with a few inexpensive tools can make a dramatic change to the home with a very small investment of a few hundred dollars.

For a few hundred more and the use of a hammer you can even replace all your old rotted or insect infested door and window trim with Rot-Free and paintless alternatives like compostie mill work trim manufactuered by Fypon or pre-cut cellular PVC door and window surrounds produced by Azek.

For a more polished look and a smaller investment in GOO GONE hire a qualified professional painter.

A freshly painted exterior is crucial to bringing you maximum value for your home if it is for sale, but do not neglect the interior walls.

A potential buyer will spend more time inside your home visualizing themselves enjoying the interior. If they can't see themselves in the surroundings then they aren't going to make an offer.

A fun and very affordable way to add more usable space to your home without the hassle of major construction is to screen in a back porch. By screening your existing porch you can instantly add 150'sq - 300'sq of insect free inhabitable space.

In most cases, you can reclaim your back yard in less then a day. Materials and tools required for the installation of a screened porch are inexpensive and available at your local hardware store. I recommend you use your local Ace Hardware or a family run hardware store because they can help you with your material list and provide useful tips for installation.

For more complicated enclosures requiring glazings, or additional framing, a permit may be necessary and a professional patio enclosure installer is recommended.

All great home improvement projects need to start with a good set of plans, whether you plan on getting your own hands dirty or using the experienced callused hands of a qualified contractor.

No matter if you are expecting to sell your home in the next year or be removed from it wearing a toe tag, you can increase your home's value and live better with these few home improvement ideas.

Street Talk

A good front door can also make your home much more secure, most burglars make their entry into the home they're robing through the front door so it is very important feature in regards to the safety of your family.

  about 1 decade ago

Ty, that is very true. Today's doors have pinless hinges that make it impossible for a burglar to drill and remove. making the door much more secure. Newer French door applications have double pinned astragals with multi-point locking systems making them even more impact resistant then your existing front doors. New lock sets com complete with tamper proof latches and full 1" throws with ball bearing centers to deter thieves from trying to cut through them. Whether a homeowner prefers steel or fiberglass doors, today, they are both available in fire rated models that will protect the family while they make an escape in a fire emergency. Check with your local contractor for information about these types of entry systems. Consult your building inspector about your local building code requirements.

  about 1 decade ago
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