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How To Repair A Deteriorated Concrete Step With Cerlon
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My Wife’s Mother had a concrete side step to the house that was badly deteriorated due to 65 years of putting salt on it. A few years ago we chipped off the concrete that was flaking and repaired it with Links and a mortar mix. It was in bad shape again and dangerous for people using it. The solution we came up with is using Cerlon to repair it.

The temperature was about 46 degrees when we started the repair. We made sure all the dust and flaking concrete was removed. The form had to be of a smooth plastic material so that the Cerlon will not stick to the form. Wood forms cannot be used as Cerlon with stick to it.

We used a piece of FRP smooth side out to make the form for the Cerlon Pour. It was installed with a wood backer using tap cons to anchor it to the step. The form was set at ¾ of an inch higher than the step. A silicone caulking was used at the bottom of the form between the form and concrete side to seal the bottom as Cerlon becomes very liquid when the chemical reaction starts the setting process.

To mix the Cerlon we used a whipping paddle that is used for mixing taping compound on a large drill. One of the ingredients that you have to be very accurate with is the water that is used for the mixture. Too much and it gets to loose and too little you cannot mix it thoroughly and you will make a boat anchor out of the mixture. We mixed the product in a 5 gallon pail for this application.

The mixing is continued until the Cerlon reaches 80 to 90 degrees then you put it into the form making sure that you spread it around quickly. Then mix another bucket the same way you do not have to worry about cold joints as the Cerlon will chemically attach to the concrete and itself. When the Cerlon is curing it reaches temperatures of 140 degrees.

We kept the Cerlon low when we poured the first 2 pails and used the last pail to finish the step. It took us about one hour with Cerlon to form the step, pour it, finish it, strip it and let the traffic back on the step.

After 3 years of traffic and sanding through 3 winters the Cerlon step repair looks good as when we first did the repair. Another benefit of Cerlon is Ice doesn’t stick to Cerlon.

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