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How Would You Fix A Concrete Apron In The Front Of A Garage Door That Is Deteriorated
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I received a call from a property manager for a large Condo organization in our area. He has a problem with many aprons in front of the garage doors for the units. I went to see him and the first product I thought of is Cerlon for the repair, because salt that was put on the driveways during the winter caused the deterioration of the apron and Cerlon is not affected from winter salt application.

I called Brian the certified installer for the Cerlon product and showed him the problem. We decided that we could repair any of the aprons in the project that needed to be repaired using Cerlon.

The aprons are 18” wide by the length of the door. We snapped a line half the width of the garage door thickness. We then installed a diamond masonry cutting blade on a skilsaw and cut a ¾” deep cut along the chalk line. The next thing we did is every 3 inches we scored the concrete the length of the door ¾” deep.

The next operation was using a hilt chipping hammer to remove all the concrete between the scores down ¾ of an inch so that the Cerlon can be poured at least ¾ of an inch thick. Only a ½” of Cerlon is needed to make the area impervious to the salt, but we figure that we go to ¾ of an inch to make sure the salt will not affect our repair.

Once this is done and the spoilage is removed the concrete has to be cleaned and remove as much of the dust as possible. Cerlon will chemically bond with the concrete so you do not need to put any product as a bonding agent as you do with concrete.

The next step is mixing the Cerlon. This is done in 5 gallon buckets using the buckets that the Cerlon comes in take and pour ½ of the Cerlon in a clean bucket and mix the product half at a time. The most important part of mixing Cerlon is the ratio of water to the Cerlon has to be measured very accurately. A paddle on an electric drill that you use from mixing taping compound or floor leveler can be used to mix the Cerlon.

Mixing the Cerlon with the paddle causes heat to start to build up in the mixture. Heat causes the Cerlon to set. Using a heat gun you need to get the temperature up to about 80 to 90 degrees before you pour it into the area that needs to be repaired. Once it reaches 100 degrees you have only about 10 minutes to finish the patch with a trowel.

You can mix a batch of Cerlon at a time then trowel it because Cerlon will adhere to itself even if it is set without causing a cold joint. Cerlon sets in 10 minutes. Cerlon when setting the temperature reaches in excess of 140 degrees

In my opinion Cerlon to patch concrete is best product to use to eliminate salt from damaging the Concrete. Cerlon also sets fast so there is little or no down time on the area to be repaired. The only down side to Cerlon is the need for training so that Cerlon does not harden before you can finish it.

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