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Car Problems Answered: If Only Your Car Could Talk!
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Dear car owner, it’s your car. We need to talk just a little bit. I give you warnings and try to tell you what is going on with me, but you never seem to want to listen. You think you can stand there with my open hood, your hands crammed in your pockets and thinking that you can have your car problems answered by mucking around under there. Before you go yanking wires, hoses and other parts and messing my delicate engine up more than it already is, let’s cover some of our basics, okay?

First up: the best way to have your car problems answered is not to have them at all. Keep me in good repair and do your check ups before I need them and there won’t be nearly as many breakdowns. Don’t let my gas tank get empty because it makes me have vapor issues. Don’t buy the junky gas either because in the world of gas and cars junky equals chunky and that equals build up and other long term problems. Put me on a diet of the better gas and I will run that much better for you, I promise. Make sure that you are checking my other fluid levels, especially the oil and the antifreeze. Don’t shout at me and don’t go kicking my tires because you forgot that I need maintenance.

Next: remember that you can have many of your car problems answered simply by looking at my dashboard. See those little red lights that come on when you turn the key in the ignition? Those are all supposed to come on when the key is turned and then go right back off. If any of them stay on after the car is first started or they come on suddenly while you are driving along, there is probably something going on that you should be aware of.

Don’t just ignore my warning lights and chimes and then complain at me when I break down. Those lights mean something- some of them mean more than others. You see the “check engine light” ? That is a major one and not ignoring it is a great way to have your car problems answered.

You can get the basic car problems answered with obvious clues- a mushy tire needs changed, a smoking hood means that there is something overheated under there. When the check oil light is flashing or is staying on, start there with your investigation and repairs.

Never drive a car that you are unsure of because just like a sneaky friend, you can’t count on us. If you think that we are just a little shifty or we are making noises that make you nervous, there’s your clue genius. There is a problem and its time to find out what is going on. Your car is trying to talk to you, at least most of the time and if you are choosing to ignore it, then you lose the right to complain when you are hoofing it to find a tow truck.

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