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Extreme Weather Car Covers | 8 Reasons To Use One
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Extreme Weather Car Covers | 8 Reasons to Use One

Water Resistance

There are extreme weather car covers designed to shed water and are nearly waterproof. The cover has to let some air pass through it to prevent moisture from damaging the paint. This type of car cover is ultimately the best way to protect your vehicle when it has to-be parked outside in the rain or snow aside from parking it in a garage. If it's parked on your driveway or some parking lot you will have protection you want when you need it.

Tree Sap

When parked under certain trees to shade your car to keep it cool, you may later find that the tree dripped sap in various places on the body. Once the tree sap has cooled and hardened, it is nearly impossible to remove from the paint and you risk damaging the paint if you don't know how to remove it.

Bird Feces

Bird feces is acidic and can-be damaging on the car’s paint if not removed immediately. The feces will etch away at your paint to the point that it eats completely through the finish causing irreparable damage which will then require the affected panel(s) to-be repainted. Extreme weather car covers can save you a lot of cash in the long run.

Ultra Violet Rays

The ultra violet rays the sun produces will cause your cars paint to look dull , possibly dry the paint out to the point that it will crack over time if left unprotected. The suns rays will also cause damage to the inside of the vehicle, in-most cases, the dash will crack first. Extreme weather car covers are made of heat-resistant materials that will protect your car by preventing the UV rays damaging effects. In the summer a light-colored cover helps by reflecting sunlight and in turn helps keep the interior of your car cool.

Dust and Dirt

Extreme weather car covers are-designed to keep the dust and dirt off the paint to prevent abrasion to the car’s surface. Dust and dirt may seem harmless but contain's small particles that can scratch the painted surface of your car. Extreme weather car covers are heavy-duty and some are custom outdoor car covers that are-made using multiple layers of different materials that block the small particles from reaching the painted surface.

Acid Rain

Rain doesn't really cause any issues with your car unless it sits outside for long periods of time and is not protected. Over time, the rain in certain regions is acidic in part due to exhaust emissions and emissions/pollutants from factories that mix with the rain. When this rain sits on the surfaces of your car, it will cause damage similar to bird feces. When acid rain is-allowed to sit on a scratched surface, it will actually start to rust.

Snow and Road Salt

Car paint is-designed to tolerate cold weather. It's the-combination of moisture road salt that can cause serious damage to your cars paint and body trim. Using a water-resistant outdoor cover really helps keep the paint protected if the car must-be stored outside for the winter. Just make sure to apply a quality wax or paint sealant. I use a product called Liquid Glass. Make sure you do this before you store it and it will stay looking new.

My Recommendation

Before you just go and buy any cover, see what your needs are: Indoor or outdoor storage. Will it be stored in wet, dry, sunny or snowy weather. These are extreme weather car cover needs. So before you spend your money on just any car cover, make sure it's what you really need. I have found that extreme weather car covers are the best for total protection and peace of mind if you cant park in a garage.

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