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Scratch Repair
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Scratch Repair

Smoothing the scratch , if your scratch is just a mere clear coat scratch this process should only take just a few minutes , using 1,200 to 3,000 grit wet sand paper ,usually available at a good hardware store or your local automotive paint distributor store.

Step 1:

with a mist bottle filled with water lightly mist the sand paper and the area the scratch it in if this is not done you sand paper will be come immediately clogged, while sand do not apply alot of pressure , there will be a milky like slim coming from your sanding spot this is normal , and just remember to keep applying your water mist At this point you area you have been working on will look much more cloudy or hazy than before don't panic this is normal, this will be taken care of in the compounding process.

step 2:

Applying compound not to be mistaken with rubbing compound you want to use polishing compound. Apply a small amount on a rag if you have access to an electric polisher great and be sure to use the proper pads there is a pad for compounding and a pad for polishing. you want to compound to get those fine scratches out of the clear coat not to mention the initial scratch that was there in the first place that caused you to start this whole process.

Step 3:

rubbing in the compound using a soft terry cloth do it in a circular motion applying moderate force. at this point you should begin to see some clearing in the haziness from the sanding makes. but you not finished yet. you will still need to do a bit more compounding to be certain you got all the micro scratches remember the more time you spend on a repair the better you results will be.

step 4 :

Using a polishing compond. Componding is probably the most rewarding and gratifying part of the whole process , because if everything was done correctly in the end it will seem nothing was ever there. first you wanna wipe away the compound and be sure it clean , maybe even take time to wash that area with soap and water but get it throughly clean of soap and completely dry, next repeat the same process as when you were compounding the scratches out using a buffing motion changing up you pattern from circles to crosses to zig zags eventually smoothing it all out and you maybe need to apply a good amount of pressure while buffing it. when you believe you are done get another clean terry cloth and wipe it smoothly over the repaired area and you should see no signs of you original scratch at all final step:

Now would be a good time to wash your whole car and apply a good coat quality car wax to your entire vehicle, especially the repaired area. Because in the repair process you removed and of the wax that was previously there in that area of the repair.

Street Talk

Excellent!! I have a scratch on my hood that looks as though they may be confined to just the clearcoat. I think I might go out one day and try this technique. Thanks Don

  about 7 years ago

Great info thanks Reron Gary

  about 8 years ago
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