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Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit
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Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit

Are you wondering if those headlight restoration kits really work? Are you thinking about replacing your old, hazy, yellow lenses? Are you having trouble seeing at night because your lenses are so dirty that your headlights seem dim? Don't pay for a replacement until you try headlight restoration! You can save a lot of money by restoring your old lenses to new with a specialized kit. A lot of companies are jumping on the restoration bandwagon nowadays, and with good reason. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can save hundreds of dollars by resurfacing your old lenses. Brand new headlight lens assemblies can cost you hundreds, but with a headlight restoration kit you can make your old lenses look crystal clear again!

Your first step in this process is to prep the area. Wash your lenses to get the residual dirt and grime off them first before you do any of the restoration. You also want to take your time and mask off the outside of the headlights so that you aren't touching the rest of the vehicle (your hood or bumper). You don't want to scratch your paint, so do a good job with this step - you'll be glad you did. The kit includes a surface corrosion softener to start breaking down the yellow, corroded junk that's built up on your lights over the years!

In the next step, you'll use a series of graduated grit sand paper to erase the cloudiness and reveal the crystal clear plastic underneath. Start with the heaviest grit sandpaper and work your way up to the most fine. This is where most of the work is. Remember, the more you're able to sand off, the better your results will be, so don't take this step lightly. The lenses will begin to smooth out as you resurface the lens. You'll then apply the clarifying compound, which will reveal your new, clear lenses.

You want to protect your work, so this kit also includes a UV protector. This helps block the UV rays which corroded your lenses in the first place. You'll have clear, bright headlight lenses that look brand new, and they'll stay that way for years to come!

With a little bit of time and work, you can make your old lenses look like new. Think of the difference the headlight restoration kit can make, both in the look of your vehicle and the performance of your headlights.

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