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The Importance Of Check Engine Light
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The Importance Of Check Engine Light

You probably know that when a yellow light in an instrument panel (saying check engine or service engine soon) is on something is wrong with your car. But how many of you try to get your car to check right away? I'd like to write about the importance of the system that consists of check engine light, codes, sensors and computer.

If you car starts making noise when you step on a brake or a steering wheel starts shaking when you drive on a highway, you go straight to a mechanic shop, right? But when check engine light comes on and a car seems to drive normally so many people neglect it and leave it until the next inspection. This is really a bad idea.

For example, there is a sensor called oxygen sensor attached into an exhaust pipe. Its jobs is monitoring how much oxygen contained in exhaust gas. When it's too much the engine gets provided more gas. In contrast, when it's too little the engine gets provided less gas. This cycle continues over and over for better fuel efficiency and better performance. When the cycle breaks (stuck on one side) vehicle's computer turns on check engine light, codes are stored. Over time the oxygen sensor gets old and sends a wrong information to a vehicle's computer (say too much oxygen so providing more gas). As long as the sensor is faulty, the engine gets provided more gas than it should. Too much gas creates carbon inside the engine, a tip of spark plug coated by carbon can't make good spark. The problem is escalating, the engine keep provided too much gas and un-burned gas enters an exhaust pipe and starts melting material inside of a catalytic converter. Eventually, the catalytic converter is completely clogged. The engine won't rev up any more because there is no escape for exhaust gas.

In the example, if you have your car checked when turning on check engine light, codes are examined, then replace the faulty oxygen sensor to a new one, the rest of things wouldn't happen and wouldn't cost you hundreds of dollars.

Just like a medical check-up, the sooner you have, the better. Not only you can save your money, but also you can save your life. The sooner you have your car checked, the more likely you can save you money and save you car, too.

OBD2 system made it far easier to find a problem and much sooner to warn you that something is wrong with your car. That is why OBD2 system diagnosis is very important.

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