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What Is A Monkey Wrench?
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What is A Monkey Wrench?

Did you know that a monkey wrench and a pipe wrench are NOT the same thing. Actually the monkey wrench was invented twelve years before the pipe wrench. It was invented by a man named Charles Moncky. The “monkey” wrench as we call it derived from the inventors name which was Moncky not monkey. He actually sold his patent later on. The pipe wrench was later an invented by a man named Daniel C. Stillson.

The two wrenches do look very similar but their functions are very different. The monkey wrench was designed for use on large nuts and bolts that a typical wrench could not handle. It was very heavy and was only able to be used on a certain number of things. On the monkey wrench, the lower jaw is the one that is adjustable. It only moves up and down. The jaws did not have any teeth and they were also smooth and flat. The jaws sit at a ninety degree angle from the handle.

The pipe wrench came later on and was an improvement on the monkey wrench. The pipe wrench is almost completely different from the monkey wrench in almost all aspects except the initial look. On the pipe wrench the top jaw is the one that is adjustable. The jaws have angled teeth as well as the jaws themselves are angled inward. Along with the top jaw being adjustable, it is allowed to move in and out slightly so when you turn it on a pipe it can grip.

Both wrenches are made to be used on hard metal. As an avid DIY guy myself I can say i have used a pipe wrench for other things although I do not recommend it. You NEVER want to use a wrench as a hammer. You can cause damage to whatever is around what you are hitting, you can hurt your self and you could also break your wrench.

Any tool can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Always take care of your tools and keep them in a safe place. Make sure your wrenches are clean and not damaged before you use them. There are many places you can look for help with knowing your tools better and you can always check if the tool you are using is the right tool for the job. You never know what you might learn in the huge world of tools.

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