Commercial Freezer Specs - Awic
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Commercial Freezer Specs  -  awic

Summary Cabinet Features:

PPS Performance Panel System

8' Standard height

4" thick insulation;

“Exceeds” EISA energy standards

Cooler Compartment:

Floorless - Optional insulated floor available

Freezer Compartment:

Includes insulated reinforced floor

Consult factory for floor metal finishes requirements

Silver embossed galvanized metal in/out

(2) 35½" W x 78" H UL approved entrance doors

Each include:

Interior light prewired to exterior switch, exterior digital thermometer, self-closing hinges, door closure, inside safety release and magnetic seal gasket. Low tempo door includes heated door frame and pressure relief port

(2) Wall trim strips

Summary of Refrigeration System:

UL approved condensing unit

Note: Specify indoor or outdoor use

Matching low silhouette evaporator coil(s)

Refrigeration controls

National Approvals:

UL-NSF Approved

Smoke & Flame Spread listing as per ASTM84 testing

Summary of Refrigeration Systems

Low Temp Applications: Choice Of:

Copeland “Indoor” condensing units or Heatcraft™ outdoor condensing units

All condensing units matched with low silhouette evaporator coil(s) with electric defrost

Refrigeration controls provided for both indoor & outdoor units

All components are UL approved

Proper sizing of evaporator coil(s) minimizes ice build-up

Outdoor Units adjust to seasonal changes in temperatures

All products engineered for long term dependability

Excellent warranties

Excellent warranties

Options (Call 800-430-4468 for Pricing)

Cabinet Options:

Standard 8' high, 10' & 12' high available (taller heights available with urethane models)

Custom heights

Modifications for: wood framed openings to accept glass display doors, angles, offsets, interior posts, removable panel to access mechanical

Insulated reinforced floor

Non-skid strips for floor

Floor ramps; exterior & interior

Metal finishes:

Standard - Silver embossed galvanized

Decorative: (10) painted colors, (2) woodgrains and stainless steel

Diamond plate for walls, doors, and floors

Outdoor membrane roof cap with perimeter hold-down trim

Door rain guard, weatherproof light switch and locking handle

Security locking bar (padlock by others)

Trim; wall trim strips, enclosure panels

Ceiling support system (allows multiple ceiling panels to be suspended to overhead building rafters)

Solid Doors:

Standard sizes (up to 42" wide) can be ordered with door closure, extra hinges, diamond plate kick plate, vision window, or in-swing feature

Hinged available up to 6' wide x 10' high;

Sliding available up to 10' wide x 10' high; (manual & electric slide available)

Energy Saving Doors:

Hanging strip curtains

High impact, double acting doors

Glass Doors:

Display doors with lights and heavy duty wire shelving

Entrance door (Roll-A-Way beverage rack merchandiser available)


Additional incandescent vapor proof lights with globe (shipped loose)

4' and 8' double bulb fluorescent light fixtures with shield & low temp ballast (fewer bulbs)

Storage Shelving:

General all purpose utility shelving-Erecta Brite™

Cooler/Freezer wire storage shelving-Metroseal™


Pro packaged self-contained “drop-in” medium & low temp refrigeration units Fully assembled: Flush mounted coil and condensate evaporation pan (no drain line)

Custom applications

Temperature alarms

Refrigerant leak detectors for local codes

Contact us American Walk-In Coolers (LLC)

7739 E Broadway Blvd, # 125

Tucson, AZ 85710

Phone: 1 (800) 430-4468

Fax: (520) 546-7510

See Our Commercial Freezers and the full line up of our walk in freezers and coolers at

American Walk-In Coolers- Freezers

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