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In the year of 2008 I went into partnership with a friend well I thought he was! We were both excited to join adventure together,we had lots of ideas to what we were going to do! We open a restaurant and bar and we got painters and decorator in to make it look smart,with spanking new outdoor lighting where it will stand out in the evening!

We went to get some nice marble top for the bar and tables and chair made out of mahogany so we did do our best to make it look nice and welcome. It was a success as we both know a lot of people,the food was good service great atmosphere was unbelievable what more did you need.

My stupid partner thought he was the law thinking that he can do anything he wants? What he needs to know when you run a business you have to be serious of what you are doing or you will face the consequences. First thing he step out of line was to turn up the volume of the music so even when you are one mile away you still can hear it.

Boy oh boy did we get a lot of complaints from the residence,but do you blame them as it was gone midnight. It went on for three to five times and guess what the council was knocking on the door,not only that but licences to. They had given us a warning which my face was quite livid, as I told him you are not the law you are a prick to my partner!

I told partner to behave himself but did he listen? No he just kept doing what he does best which is annoying everybody screwing around when he has a wife at home with there three kids. He thinks that he can get away with all the things he does!

Final draw came when he started doing drugs and inviting everybody else to join him. He didn't know anything about running a business and let alone being a boss! Getting drunk all the time!

Enough is enough so you end up calling your solicitors to deal with the situation. What a bad mistake that was as the solicitors are init for themselves! Cost you more money then you can afford just to get your ex partner out? I will never recommend solicitors as it can be quite pricey and they are not there to help you.

Solicitors are a complete waste of money,I suggest that if you do hire a solicitor negotiate a full price first as it can get hairy! Oh if you don't need to have a partnership don't do it!

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