18 Professions Women Are Ruling Today
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18 Professions Women Are Ruling Today

Most people still perceive women as Pink-Collar Workers or people who perform jobs in the service industry. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), they hold 51% of high-paying management and professional positions, and represent almost half of the workplace in the United States.

Let Beyonce’s song, “Who Run the World” play in your head as we reveal these 18 jobs that women are conquering today:

18. Veterinarians

Median Salary: $72,299*

Veterinarians diagnose, treat, care, and research medical conditions and diseases of animals.

17. Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators

Median Salary: $50,597*

Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators decide the legitimacy of claims to provide financial protection to the business they work for.

16. Insurance Underwriters

Median Salary: $51,307*

Insurance Underwriters evaluate insurance applications and decide whether to provide it depending on its amount.

15. Public Relations Managers

Median Salary: $61,067*

Public Relations Managers are responsible for maintaining and improving the public’s impression and view of an organization, public figure, etc.

14. Accountants and Auditors

Median Salary: $63,550*

Accountants and Auditors assess financial operations, prepare and examine financial records, and ensure that the records are accurate and updated.

13. Advertising/Promotion Managers

Median Salary: $54,607*

Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions Managers plan programs with people in the production field to establish interest of a product or service.

12. Education Administrators

Median Salary: $39,500 (Pre-School), $51,538 (Postsecondary), $69,456 (Elementary and Secondary)*

Educational Administrators oversee student academics, budget reports, and organize special events.

11. Financial Specialists

Median Salary: $46,685*

Financial Specialists sell services and products to financial institutions, give insights on financial trends, and suggest strategies for optimization.

10. Tax Examiners, Collectors, and Revenue Agents

Median Salary: $44,607*

Tax Examiners, Collectors, and Revenue Agents examine and analyze tax and revenue documents of an organization or a client they work for.

9. Psychologists

Median Salary: $69,561*

Psychologists study emotional, social, cognitive processes and human behavior by interpreting, observing, and recording how people relate to their environment and to others.

8. Human Resource Managers

Median Salary: $61,186*

Human Resource Managers oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new employees. They consult with top executives and serve as a link between an organization’s management and its staffs.

7. Social or Community Service Managers

Median Salary: $48,984*

Social and Community Service Managers supervise social services departments for private or government institutions.

6. Tax Preparers

Median Salary: $38,793*

Tax Preparers assist clients, companies, or organizations to set up and write accurate income tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) every year.

5. Medical and Health Services Managers

Median Salary: $64,204*

Healthcare Executives or Healthcare Administrators plan, direct, and coordinate medical services. They also manage an entire facility for a group of physicians.

4. Meeting and Convention Planners

Median Salary: $48,252*

Meeting and Convention Planners map out all the details for seminars, conventions, symposiums, and general meetings.

3. Social Workers

Median Salary: $41,662*

Social Workers work with patients or families to solve and cope with problems in their daily lives. They also work with other social workers to diagnose and treat people with mental, behavioral, or emotional issues.

2. Elementary and Middle School Teachers

Median Salary: $43,772 (Middle School), $41,561 (Elementary)*

Elementary or High School Teachers teach students academic lessons and various activities they need to attend college and enter the job market.

1. Registered Nurses

Median Salary: $57,619*

Registered Nurses mostly work for hospitals or medical clinics, but they may also work for companies and organizations to promote wellness and health of employees.

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*According to PayScale


Image courtesy of Negativespace at Pixabay(dot)com

Department of Labor, AOL

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