Jobless And Searching: Job Hunting Is A Lot Like Dating
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Jobless And Searching: Job Hunting is A Lot Like Dating

This is it! After taking many chances, someone called you in to meet. Suddenly you felt happy, anxious, scared, and worried at the same time. What are you going to wear? Is that person nice? How should you introduce yourself? Questions that popped out your head make you restless. Then you took a deep breath, looked yourself in the mirror, and left with grace because today you’ll meet your potential employer.

“Job interviews are like first dates. Good impressions count, awkwardness can occur, and outcomes are unpredictable.”

– Anonymous

Who says you’ll only have your nerves racked in first dates? Those who claimed such thing have forgotten their job interviews. Dates are certainly not as romantic as interviews, but both share a common purpose: To bring out the best in you.

Job hunting is much like dating because you…

… find for “the one”

If the ocean has plenty of fishes, then the job market offers many careers to consider. But despite having a wide variety of choices, you end up looking for the one that your heart desires.

… woo them with words

Your resume acts as your wingman that makes you look and sound desirable to the employer. How do you make the best resume? You either write it or hire the excellent resume writers to do it for you.

… wait for them to notice you

For instance, you applied in 10 different companies and only 4 of them responded. Worst-case scenario: that recruiter from one of your top job picks said, “We’ll notify you via email if your application has been validated.” Job applicants who’ve gone through this share a common opinion: They’re lying and they won’t write back to you.

… want them to want you

From your resume, get-up, to answers, you try to work to find the chemistry between you and the employer. And even without the help of serenades, chocolates, or roses, you’ll give out your best to win their nod.

… wait (again)

There are companies, which hiring processes include sets of interviews to spot the best candidate. If you think you’re done with your first job interview, don’t rejoice yet; there’s more to go.

… get rejected

The heartbreak of being rejected for your dream job is similar with the heartbreak of an unrequited love. Keep in mind that rejection happens for a reason: It’s not meant for you.

… move on and search another

The “art of letting go” part happens when you want to forget the disappointment. You release negative feelings in different ways such as:

  • Tell your friends or family what happened
  • Go out for a walk or ride.
  • Seek professional advice.

Finding your perfect job is like searching for your soulmate. It requires patience, perseverance, wit, and time. We provide these 6 simple reminders, so you’ll stay on the right path:

1. Don’t be too quick

Figure out carefully whether that job is the right one or not. Before you send your resume consider the job requirements, company culture, and your potential manager’s character beforehand.

2. Avoid discussing your ex

No matter how bad it went, never discuss or bad-mouth your past job during the interview. The hiring manager may think you will to do the same when you apply to another company.

3. Make them want to know you more

Your role as an applicant and an avid admirer should not stop after the job interview. Send a “thank you” note. It will give you an advantage to be called in again.

4. Be honest

Honesty is the best policy. Persuade them without lying.

5. Dress up smart

Dress up like you’re applying for a higher position and don’t forget to smile.

6. Go with the flow

Don’t rush your hunt. As long as you’re trying, you don’t need to worry about ending hopeless (and jobless).

Before you begin your job search, make sure you’re geared up with the best resume! We offer resume template for every job of your choice. Get it now; it’s absolutely free and effective!

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