Resume Writing Tips To Consider This 2016
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Resume Writing Tips to Consider This 2016

New Year means new chapter in life, new plans to make, and new goals to aim. To job seekers, this year is a great opportunity to job hunt and secure an interview. But how can you make hiring managers notice you? Where should you start? This 2016, expect that job hiring process will be tighter and competition will get tougher. So if you think you don’t need to overhaul your resume, never mind being called in for a job interview.

Give yourselves an edge. Makeover your resume with these tips:


Hiring managers only have little time to read your resume. Help them spot your contact details fast by hyperlinking your e-mail address.


In this digital age, cybercriminals can steal your identity if you expose your complete home address. Include only your city, state, and zip code to your resume.


Depending on the industry, upgrade your resume’s appearance by adding design or colors to pop up headers. If you’re applying for graphic designer, illustrator, or web designer position, you can create an infographic type of resume. Just remember to save a copy of the traditional though.

To other professionals, you may highlight headers in color blue and leave the rest in white space.


Recruiters and hiring managers today are not interested to know what you’re looking for a job. Begin your resume with a succinct professional summary stating your experience, job history, and great career achievements. Plus, use the header to emphasize your area of expertise instead of labelling it “summary.”


Again, recruiters don’t have much time to read your resume from top to bottom. Use bold text to highlight significant key points in your achievements.


Since online resume is the new thing, some companies use software application to filter out candidates. If you don’t want your resume to be rejected, mirror the job posting language, pay attention to details, and use relevant keywords to your resume.


Hiring managers look beyond than skills. They want to know how you have applied them into your previous job. Incorporate your skills to your job experiences instead of putting them on a list.


Some employers may prefer a single-paged resume, but if you already have more than 7-10 years of job experience, you don’t need to compress your resume into one page. A 2-page resume is acceptable as long as it contains job-relevant information. To conserve space, use bullet points and industry-specific acronyms, and write it in active voice.

More Tips:


  • Use clean and professional-looking font styles in 11pt or 12pt (i.e. Calibri, Georgia, Cambria, Garamond)
  • Tailor your resume accordingly to the job you’re applying for.
  • Include only the important and relevant information.
  • Impress your future employer by gauging your achievements with firm numbers.
  • Be a merciless proofreader and editor to your resume.


  • Use pompous words that are hard to understand.
  • Bombard your resume with borders and inappropriate font styles.
  • Submit a generic resume to every job application.
  • Make a plain list of your skills, achievements, and responsibilities.
  • Overcrowd your resume with chunks of sentences.
  • Send your resume without proofreading and editing it.

Every beginning is another chance to stand out; start smart with a new and improved resume. For more tips, check out our “How to Make Your Resume Excellent in Just 6 Steps” article and consult our world-class resume writers to get the latest resume format today!

Sources: Time Inc., Careerealism, The Job Network

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