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Do You Know What You Will Have And Where You Will Be When It's Time To Retire?
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Do You Know What You Will Have And Where You Will Be When It\'s Time to Retire?

Not everyone takes retirement seriously. Do you know what you will have and where you will be when it is time to retire? Well, I have and it is scary to even think about it. You start thinking of the "what if's".

What if I become disabled or who is going to take care of me. Life passes all of us so quickly and we look at photographs and realize "wow". Where did time go? It is depressing to know you are where you are now, but are you going to be able to afford to be there when it's time for you to retire.

I realize more now then I ever have and wish I could of seen the bigger picture at a younger age, but I was too busy trying to find who I was. Well now I found me and I am looking at everything life has to offer and looking at the future that will catch up to us sooner than later.

The economy is crazy, everyone is laid off, and not many people have any money in their bank accounts. So now is the time to really get it together and really start planning for your retirement. I know anyone who is reading this article at a young age is probably laughing and saying I have time, well trust me after you start working full time, have kids, get married, yada...... your now 40 and 50 years old.

It is scary if you think about it. I'm not afraid of getting old. I just don't want to get old yet and the years go by to quickly. When I was younger I alway's heard that phrase, " time flies when you are having fun", or "tempus fugit". Which means time flees.

This is so true now that I see all my children all grown up. I am 43 years old and will be 44 years old in June. One I don't want to work until I retire and two I want to see myself with money to retire on. So you have to come up with a plan and that is one of the reasons why I am doing article writing, internet marketing, and paid per clicks.

This is just one of the few things I have in mind to get a cash flow coming in because I do not see myself getting up every morning until I am 70 year's old answering to anyone but me. That is not living and I plan to live and enjoy the rest of my life with my boyfriend hopefully.

Not saying everyone is going to die right after they retire, you don't know what god has planned for you and everyone will have their own day when that comes. It could be 20, 30, 40, etc. You get it!

I am trying to figure out a plan to put away as much as possible and my goal is to retire at age 45 and no later than 50. I am doing this article writing, internet marketing, home base business to get me there. I know it won't happen over night but there is so much to do and so much to see and I don't want to be confined in a house in one place anymore.

I seen enough of Ohio where I am from and enough of New Jersey where I lived now for the last 19 years. I am ready for my real future now why I am still alive and healthy. So think about it... if you haven't thought about your future then you are the type that will take what comes at you and deal with it.

I can't, I see I have to have a plan so I know what I can do what I can't because once again....$$$$ is what makes the world go round unfortunitely. (The root of all evil). It is funny how we all try and hang on to that little green peice of paper because that is how we live but that little green peice of paper just keeps going from one hand to the next!

Street Talk

It appears you are on a path of success and have a plan to get there. It is very difficult to save for retirement with lay offs and stock market crashes. It seems everyone needs that plan B. Looks like you have that plan and not only that, you are taking action to make it happen. Life does seem like it just starts flying. You do need money to survive and having that B plan gives you that flexibility, opportunity, and chance to do the things that you have always wanted. Keep it rolling because you are on your way to true freedom and being able to reach your goals. Let me throw in a tweet to give you a boost.

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you Rodney... I'm trying. It is funny how you just wake up one day and realize all this. Not that I didn't before but my goal is to get there and I will let you know how it's going... Thank you for the comment on my article.

  about 1 decade ago
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