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How To Connect With The Boomer Generation
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If you're 25 years old or younger it's probable that you think everybody over 50 years young is really OLD. Maybe some of us really are old before our time but.... YOU need to know the truth. 75 is the new 50 in my book, that's what I believe and no one's changing my mind.... anytime soon!

On the other hand, if you're into the Internet Marketing business, retail sales or doing anything that necessitates connecting to the boomer generation, then listen up... we've got some very important information for you or you're going to be left in our dust.

Have you heard of the "Boomer Project" in America? These folks are the leading authority about the Boomer Consumer and see thousands who are retiring everyday. One of the fastest growing segments of our society that you need to know first hand or your marketing systems will suffer.

What can the Boomer Generation do for YOU? Like everything else, it depends on who you are, what you know and if these guys/gals are your intended audience and buyers of your stuff. Fair enough?

Actually, a few guys/gals began the "Boomer Project" in 2003 long before the local and national media caught on to the real value and financial resources of this huge Boomer generation. Learn more about the BP by doing a quick search along with their research arm noted below.

You can connect with this knowledge base by doing an Internet search for SIR too. If you need research or details about the Boomers then you can find tons of information here. These are the obvious folks to connect with for the latest and most up to date statistics on the boomer generation.

SIR is a sister firm to the Boomer Project with tons of marketing research. These guys have been studying Boomers since they began watching TV in black and white on 2 channels. As some say, that's a LONG time ago, even in "dog" years.

Now, the most important part for you about the Boomers in America.... marketing to this group means you have to know what they are like? What they are buying? Where are they going? Successful companies and organizations understand that the Boomers are the leading-edge generation reinventing what it's like to grow older in America. The Boomer Project promises to study and report on Boomers until eternity comes.

Want more? As mentioned above, we've got you covered with their sister firm, the Southeastern Institute of Research, Inc., (SIR), a 44-year-old marketing research house that you can check out on their link here.

As you can imagine, if there's MONEY flowing somebody is studying the group. We're small potatoes but we constantly share our own story and experiences as long-time entrepreneurs in business. Our focus has moved from 32 years with brick and mortar to the Internet in the last few years. A Plan B for everyone is our goal. Nothing has more value than multiple streams of income into a home based business.

Actually, as we have often shared our background in business, we have a PhD extraOrdinary in the SHK [School of Hard Knocks] where the "rubber meets the road" or kick butt happens.


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