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Cinderella The Explicit Cut - E L James: Fifty Shades Of Grey
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Cinderella The Explicit Cut  -  E L James: Fifty Shades Of Grey

Remember the times when sex was this great mystery which could set your heart pumping whenever you heard it mentioned?

If you miss feeling that youthful excitement regarding physical love, Fifty Shades of Grey is what you need.

As the fastest selling paperback of all time, the news of this enjoyable little erotica must have traveled faster than wildfire, almost as fast as a juicy gossip which you just can't help sharing. Ready to hear the details? I can hardly wait telling them...

A freshly graduated literature student interviews a successful entrepreneur, who turns out to be young, handsome and as a whole just way too attractive to bee true. He, on the other hand finds her clumsiness and beauty irresistible, but there is a dark secret,he's into some excitingly disturbing stuff....

...That's when things get out of control, climaxing into erotic games which will be easy to read but hard to forget - Sounds interesting?

You've heard the story a million times, as early as in your first children's book: young, innocent beauty falls in love with powerful, experienced man, who can't resist her naive charm - But this time the story has a twist, turning it into a naughty fairytale which doesn't stop at the happily ever after.

Imagine your favorite princess tale not ending after the royal wedding, or more like at the bedroom door – but inviting us to the initiation into carnal pleasure, the heated atmosphere of the wedding night.

It's like Cinderella's explicit version rated 18+.

Fifty Shades of Grey isn't the next candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature. It won't change your view of the world – but it might change your nightly routine... Feeling the need to spice up your love life a little?

E. L. James's novel will ensure you turning fifty shades of red while reading it and even after that, just by thinking about it.

Bondage, dominance, S&M – everything you need to turn on the heat on a languid play under the sheets. Read it, imagine it, act it. And even if you don't turn into Lady Dominatrix overnight, a few well chosen paragraphs from fifty shades of grey can initiate a passionate night worth remembering.

If you want to read a good book that has the power to keep you obsessed until the last page, you've found what you've been looking for.

Forget about “mixed critical response” and trust in the judgment of 60 million people who bought Fifty Shades of Grey , devoured it in a few days and went on sharing the news of the amazing experience this story has in store for the reader with an open mind and a... naughty imagination.

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