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How To Start Running?
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How to start running is not an easy problem to solve if you've never put your sneakers on, opened the door and bounded off with your legs carrying you at a fantastic speed. From the comfort of your sofa, that usually seems like nothing more than a fanciful dream. That's unlikely, but it is possible, believe me! I doubt that there is one program that works for everybody, after all, everyone is different. However, I do believe there is a solution for everybody. The question is - can you find it?

So, how to start? This of course depends on the particular situation of each person.

How old are you?

Are you overweight?

How healthy / fit are you? etc, etc.

Yes, the list could be endless and if in doubt please consult a doctor. Your personal situation should affect the way you start. However, I will do my best to give some general advice

I believe the greatest single barrier - is psychological. Have you got the will power to get off the sofa and out of the door?

Before looking at the practicalities it's necessary to consider the psychological aspect. I assume that you have at least asked yourself the question - "How Do I Start Running?" Or else you probably wouldn't be reading this. Anyway, that's good! That's a mental start. A positive thought in the right direction. Congratulations!

Well... It's a bit early for congratulations. As it's one of those things that can easily drag on.

"I'll start tomorrow.....I don't feel like it today.....I'm busy"

And then tomorrow becomes next week, and then it gets forgotten about and swept under the carpet.

Exercise is one of those things that is difficult at the beginning and becomes more enjoyable later. So, if you can actually get started, you're likely to hear yourself say - "I'm glad I did that, I feel better now". The trick is to go beyond mere idle words and actually do something. That takes a fistful of will power and you'll have to find that yourself. But, thinking about it is the first step. However, to get from a walk to a run, you'll need that second step.

Then, if you do start, it's easy to start in the wrong way. To have a bad experience that you would not be keen on repeating. Here is my first piece of general advice - Don't Overdo It! Yes, that's right, take it easy! It is not important how far or fast you go. Who are you competing against - nobody! It's not a race and it's not a marathon. It's purely about exercising to feel better and are healthier. That's the goal!

What is exercising?

Your heart should beat faster than usual.

Your lungs should go in and out faster than usual.

Your arms and legs are moving.

Those are the goals and the longer you can do that for, the better. But, it should be comfortable, so try not to push yourself.

In a few words - How to Start Running?

  • Find an attractive route. Ideally on soft ground so it's easier on the joints.
  • Don't go far to begin with. Aim at between 500m to a couple of miles at most.
  • Start slowly. Remember the tortoise and the hare?
  • Walk when necessary. But, try to jog a little, if only for a few seconds at a time.

That's how to start! But to make that start is the most difficult part. To get out of the door, to get past the mental block. I think you'll feel better if you do.

When I was younger I ran competitively to a high standard. Unfortunately I had to give that up due to injury. Since then, I have stopped and started on many occasions. Due to this, often with years of inactivity, I believe I am quite knowledgeable in how to start running? I have learnt to run purely for fitness and enjoyment and to not worry about how fast am I going or how far I am going. I go as fast or as far as my body will let me. I've just started a blog at where I'll post tips and interesting articles.

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I think it can be easier to think of the exercise as walking, not necessarily running, in the beginning. Then one gradually increases the running part of it and the walking part decreases. Everybody can walk. Almost

  about 1 decade ago
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