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RV Freedom: Achieving The Full Time RV Living Lifestyle
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RV Freedom: Achieving the Full Time RV Living Lifestyle

Hilga and I would not go back to our former lives for anything! The freedom to call any place home is awesome! It is a simpler and slower paced life without all the work of a “sticks and brick” home. Instead of spending countless dollars and hours on maintaining a house, we can be out enjoying the beauty of America! We call this lifestyle RV freedom!

We always dreamed of the full time RV living lifestyle. Back in the eighties I remember buying a book titled “Living aboard your RV Full Time.” It was an interesting read with many helpful suggestions on how to accomplish the tasks needed to escape the bonds of home ownership yet still stay connected.

It was a lot more difficult back then. Now it’s easy as technology has made the full time rv living lifestyle a breeze. Yet there are still so many considerations to make when thinking about selling it all and moving into the home on wheels for the RV freedom lifestyle.

If you have been dreaming of the RV freedom lifestyle, what is standing in your way? Are there just too many variables that you can’t get a handle on what it would take to move forward? Things like:

How do you stay in touch with family and friends while traveling from place to place? What about mail service?

How to keep connected while keeping the costs manageable for both cell and air card service. What about free WiFi?

Should you sell your house or not? My answer is absolutely, but how about the pros and cons of that decision?

How much will it actually cost to be on the road full time depending on the lifestyle you are used to?

How do you downsize, and should you store your stuff or sell it?

What kind of RV is best suited for the full time RV living lifestyle: Class A, Fifth Wheel, etc?

These are just some of the considerations when deciding to pursue RV freedom. This is a decision that is best not rushed into. It takes a lot of research because it’s easy to make the wrong choice on so many levels, if you don’t plan ahead. But, if you have a methodical way to get yourself moving toward RV freedom, then it’s fairly easy.

Hilga and I knew we would achieve the dream and pursued a five-year plan. During that time frame we rented everything on wheels. We wanted to check out what each class of RV was like. We put thirty-five thousand miles on all kinds of RV’s, talked to everyone that looked like a full-timer to get their opinions, and over time formed our plans.

That can take a long time if you are thinking of RV freedom sooner. It’s what we did because we wanted to be sure to not make a mistake. Once you buy an RV and make a wrong choice, it will cost you big time if you decide to trade it for another one. We have been in our current rig for years and it is exactly what we wanted. It has proved adequate because we had done our research.

If you want to take a few shortcuts, you can find information on RV freedom now, that will help you to cut some corners and move in a more methodical manner. If you follow the path of those before that successfully reached their goals, you will do the same!

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